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Books band equivalent on Accelerated Reader

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Sallypoo08 Sat 27-Feb-16 21:29:30

Apologies if this has already been posted, but I've been searching the net and can't find a table which shows book bands or Oxford Reading Tree levels verses Accelerated Reader.

My son has just brought home his first accelerated reader book, and the text feels a lot simpler than the previous Book Band 13's he's been reading.... hmm

I'm trying to establish if this is the case. His AR is a 3.2....

Any pointers would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks

irvine101 Sat 27-Feb-16 22:25:21

It says,
"For example, a book level of 4.5 means that the text could likely be read independently by a pupil whose reading skills are at the level of a typical fourth year pupil during the fifth month of school."

so, AR 3.2 means level of 3rd year pupil during 2nd month of school?

I have no idea about equivalent ort level, sorry.

Sallypoo08 Sun 28-Feb-16 07:35:10

Thanks so much for the link.

I've managed to find the last two books DS has read and it has the equivalent AR level on them. They are both 3.7 so I can now look for books of around 3.7 for him to ask for next.

Thanks so much

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