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reception year goals

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wintersdawn Thu 25-Feb-16 20:58:40

Just had a parents evening and have been told that DD will meet her end of year goal in reading but is unlikely to reach it in writing and maths. Now this hasn't comes a complete surprise as we knew she was slightly behind in various social skills and talking when she started but she has caught up on some elements and seems to be progressing across the board and isn't stagnating which is all positive.

But my question is, if we can't get her to her goals by the end of the year how likely is she to catch up or is she likely to stay slightly behind going forwards? I'm also worried by the fact she is only comfortable with routine and I think that moving up a year and changing teachers will possibly cause her to slow her learning for the first term of next year anyway.

Inkymess Thu 25-Feb-16 21:21:29

I am sure lots of teachers will come along soon, but my understanding is that DC all develop at different rates and there is no reason that she may not thrive in Yr1 etc. My DD did well in YrR but really came on leaps and bounds in Yr1 as she loves the more structured environment that they have in Yr1 onwards and lots of routine. She loved YrR but loved Yr1 even more.

Ferguson Fri 26-Feb-16 16:56:59

As long as she is happy in school, is making an effort in subjects, including the ones she finds more difficult, and gets good support at home in a relaxed, not pressured way, then I am confident she will make sufficient progress in the future.

Reception classes mainly help children become more confident, socialised, and start to learn new skills and routines, and it is only one little first step on an educational road that can last fifteen years or more.

Many schools ease children into successive Year groups in a sensitive way these days, having a 'trial run' for a few days, or 'buddying' children with older mentors. But I don't think she will have any serious problems.

If you still have specific worries, on academic or social matters, come back and I will try to reassure you.

wintersdawn Sat 27-Feb-16 18:03:49

Thanks for the responses. We will keep supporting her at home and hopefully that will help.

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