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Advice from primary teachers - how to ask yr 1 teacher for harder work?

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DownBytheRiver25 Thu 25-Feb-16 11:18:07

Dd is in year 1 and doesn't seem to be getting work suitable to her level. She knows her number bonds to 20 - she has an older sister and has picked this up from her - but her teacher is going over number bonds to 10 for the whole class. To prepare the class for phonics screening the homework for over half term was to do a diary of phonics practice. Dd's reading level is well beyond this. I know children don't always remember exactly what they do and it's possible that she's doing harder work we don't know about but it does seem that the work she is being set isn't hard enough for her. I just want her to be stretched a bit more. When I asked the teacher a few months ago if she could be given more work - she often finishes set work early and tells me she just sits there or is asked to help another child - the teacher said that the work she sets isn't like that and that would not happen. She's in her late 20s and is in her 4th year of teaching - the same year group. She is generally quite disorganised and defensive when other parents ask questions. Another parent with the same concerns was told by her that the school didn't want the gap between those who were very good and those who were struggling to grow too wide and the answer was for the mother to get her son to do more work at home. Not sure if this is just the teacher's perspective or coming from the school. How is it best to approach this with a teacher who takes the slightest suggestion as a personal attack on her teaching? All I and a few other parents would like is a bit more work which stretches the more able children. A teacher friend of mine suggested keeping calm and on good terms with the teacher and giving dd other things to enrich her. Others have said that she'll soon be in year 2. A common refrain from parents is "Only another couple of terms to go." This seems like such a waste of a school year.

irvine101 Thu 25-Feb-16 15:53:48

There's thread on Gifted and talented board on this subject.
Re: Glass ceiling part 1, 2 and 3.

But if you have group of parents wanting same thing, you might get better results as a group?

DownBytheRiver25 Thu 25-Feb-16 17:20:14

Thanks very much irvine101. I'll have a look.

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