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Primary schools in Winchester

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ArabianSea Wed 24-Feb-16 06:49:15

We will be moving to Hampshire shortly, and would like to be in the King's Secondary catchment in Winchester. So looking for Primary schools within the catchment. I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews about Stanmore school. Please could anyone share their experiences, and also is Stanmore a rough area of Winchester? What about Badger's Farm and Oliver's Battery? Thank you.

Girlscout1910 Thu 25-Feb-16 13:11:03

Have you been to have a look round the areas? Stanmore is probably the least desirable area in Winchester. I've heard very good things about Oliver's battery school,

ArabianSea Thu 25-Feb-16 13:28:34

I have been to see the Stanmore area.Need to visit again. I believe there are pockets within that are rough and good areas, is that true? The ofsted for Oliver's Battery says requires improvement.

Lemonsole Thu 25-Feb-16 16:26:19

Stanmore school is growing in popularity and reflects accurately the socially mixed community that it serves. It is very popular, for example, among teachers at nearby Winchester College, for their own children. So it's not the ghetto that some of those in the naicer schools believe it to be.

Olly B's has had a rough few years, but I understand it now to be on the up.

Winchester is somewhere where it is true to say that there are no bad primary schools. Regardless of where you live in Winchester, attending a Kings linked primary school (and both of the schools you mentioned are these) will put you into a higher admissions category than living out of catchment and attending a different school.

Lemonsole Thu 25-Feb-16 16:27:26

Stanmore itself suffers from student blight; Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm are both popular. Both are a bus ride from town, though.

DesperatelySeeking2016 Thu 25-Feb-16 22:38:40

We really liked Stanmore when we looked round and had it down as our 2nd choice. Anecdotally it turns out that there are hardly any girls in year 1 (think 6 in the whole year group of 40 ish) so I'm glad we didn't get it as I think my dd would have struggled.
I know people at Oliver's battery who are really happy with it. Like a previous poster said there aren't really any bad schools in Winchester but there are full ones! So depending on the age of your children you may not actually get a choice wink

ArabianSea Tue 01-Mar-16 12:24:10

Thank you all for your valuable input. Very much appreciated :-)

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