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Primaries and secondaries Orpington/beckenham

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Feellikerubbish Mon 22-Feb-16 12:51:44


Can anyone advise me rgearing primary schools and secondary schools in Beckenham and Orpington?

We are looking to possibly move in the next year or two. We understand schools are very full and catchments are small. We loozed at Langley boys and girls and was very impressed but also heard Hayes is good.

Would like to hear more about ravenswood and from anyone who can tell me if they have kids in Hayes or Langley, if they ate happy there? And also any other parents moved into the areas and which primary schools catchments will ge into which secondary catchment also?

In Beckenham it seems that to get into the catchment of langley, if can't get into a particular primary, will also be too far out for another secondary school?

It's a big move and start all over again for us so would like to find out whatever we can!

Thank you!

noramum Mon 22-Feb-16 13:39:43

Hayes is normally not available for Beckenham, the catchment is quite small, normally under 1m.

The council has a booklet for both primary and secondary application which gives you the distance for the last three years.

We live in West Wickham, DD is currently in Y4 and will most likely end at Langley Girls as we are a bit out of Hayes. Lots of friend's children (same year group as DD) have siblings in Langley (boys and girls) and are very happy.

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