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Splitting nursery?

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Mumyum1 Mon 22-Feb-16 12:04:54

My 2 year old is at a lovely nursery for two full days a week. I've asked about increasing his days as I would like to go back to work in Aug 2016 but I also have a 3 month old who I have asked to be accommodated there. However there are no places for her until Jan 2017. And no scope to increase my toddlers days.

I love the nursery. Should I consider childminder for the other days or put him in somewhere where he can be full time?

Have been looking at Independant schools - are these the best options? So confusing when starting out with the school search!!

Inkymess Mon 22-Feb-16 12:13:23

I'd look at other nurseries or delay your return? However lovely the nursery is, it hasn't got the places you need to go back to work. You will get early years funding once the toddler is 3 too.
The school decision is entirely different I think

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