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Arnold House vs St. Anthony's School

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MummyLove78 Wed 17-Feb-16 07:34:18

Hello, I was hoping to get some friendly feedback from Mums about their thoughts on choosing Arnold House School vs St. Anthony's in NW3/NW8. Both seem really lovely. I hear that Arnold House is more academic between the two, but that St. Anthony's is more loving/nurturing and somewhat less pressurised. Is Arnold House a pressurised environment at all though? I've heard that The Hall can be, but I've never heard that about Arnold House. I'd love your thoughts though on both schools. I would also appreciate any feedback from parents with kids at these schools to hear about their experiences of them! Thank you! :-)

emanuela Wed 17-Feb-16 09:20:31

How is your child? St Anthony is super nurturing if your child has problems of any sort, then st Anthony is the way to go. They also have very high standards for the boys and want them to be tidy in life as at school, independent etc.

Look at the results, st Anthony sends many children to the usual suspects including Westminster etc.

The teachers are fantastic as well very approachable. I am normally very critical of everything but I can't fault st Anthony. I don't know anything about Arnold house.

One thing to say is that st Anthony is not a hot house which works very well for us.

Hope this helps.

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