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moving to new area after primary admissions deadline

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imabeautifulfennelcalledjoan Sat 13-Feb-16 20:28:25

DD is due to start in reception in September. We've applied for school places in our area.

However we may now be moving area (to a completely new county and local authority). If we buy somewhere, we may not be in the new house until May/ June time.

How on earth will we get her into a primary school by that time? Is it crazy to even be considering this?

We are thinking of moving because we can't afford a bigger house where we currently live. Also, moving would mean a shorter commute for DH. But I'm scared that DD will be left without a school place. Any advice?

prh47bridge Sun 14-Feb-16 00:12:27

Your daughter will not be left without a school place. The LA must come up with a place for her somewhere. It is unlikely to be at a school of your choice and may be some distance from home but they will find a place for her.

imabeautifulfennelcalledjoan Sun 14-Feb-16 07:10:25

Thank you. I've read up on it now. So she will have a place - it just might be at a random school miles away. But then we can go on a waiting list can't we? I just don't want to move her around too much and leave her unsettled. We currently live almost next door to an Ofsted rated school here. It's very very likely she'd get in as we're so close. It feels like madness to move and subject ourselves to stress and uncertainty re schools. However, long term our quality of life will be much better if we move. I just wish that the timing wasn't so awful!

imabeautifulfennelcalledjoan Sun 14-Feb-16 07:12:05

*Ofsted rated 'good' school.

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