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State primary with nursery in South East Oxford- recommendations?

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basilstrawberry Thu 11-Feb-16 08:44:53

Finding this all a minefield and bloody confusing! I've read previous threads with interest about schools in the S E Oxford area, but was hoping that there might be some new thoughts about schools; especially those with nurseries that we could use from this September as ds is 3.4 at the moment (although I realise that having a nursery place does not guarantee a school place).

We're in the littlemore area, but I'm slightly confused about the catchment areas and what schools we could actually send DS to even after having pored over the council website. I think the main ones nearby (within a mile & filtered- rightly or wrongly- by Ofsted results) are:
ST John Fisher Catholic
Church Cowley ST James
St Swithuns

And then these ones which are within a 1.9 mile radius:
St Mary & John
St Gregory
New Hinksey

Any thoughts on what these schools are like, whether we would have a chance at the latter ones in terms of catchment would be much appreciated so that we can aim to have a look around and chat to the teachers.

basilstrawberry Thu 11-Feb-16 08:45:27

Oops- missed off Larkrise!

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