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Prep schools suitable for getting into Guildford girls' schools

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LauraC123 Tue 09-Feb-16 20:12:52

Hi All

I'm looking for suitable Prep schools to send my 5 year old daughter to.

We are currently living near Lightwater. The search radius is large at the moment as we have the potential to move anywhere around Guildford/Woking/Camberley/Bagshot etc. Doesn't help to narrow things down.....

In an ideal world it would be a proper Co-Ed school, with 'excellent' gradings in all areas, and a decent proportion of children going on to the Guildford girls’ secondary schools such as GHS and Tormead. Not asking for much!

I've seen or booked to see the following schools and here are my considerations so far:

•Hall Grove, Bagshot: excellent school but weighted heavily in favour of boys.

•Yateley Manor - Yateley, The Marist - Ascot, LVS - Ascot, Lyndhurst – Camberley - mixed reports about all of these. These seem to be “good” rather than excellent - if I'm coughing up those kind of fees I want the education to be top notch.

•Eagle House: excellent school - a little on the wrong side of town for us. And also weighted in favour of the children getting into Wellington College.

•Halstead Prep, Woking: excellent, but girls only.

•Rydes Hill, Guildford: excellent, seems to have a large proportion of the girls going onto the Guildford Girls’ schools, but it only has boys up to the age of 7.

So, I'm now officially stuck.
Please can anyone recommend a Co-Ed prep school? As mentioned above, we can move around a bit.

Many thanks for your help.

Auroborea Tue 09-Feb-16 21:18:38

Longacre or Hoe Bridge may be? Cranmore is now going fully co-ed (but is still very boy-heavy). Lots more choice if you consider single sex or boys to seven.

LauraC123 Wed 10-Feb-16 10:32:27

Auroborea - thanks so much for your reply - I will check them both out. Hoe Bridge would be quite convenient actually.

Do you know if it's selective to get in to either before or after 7?
Does it have a reputation for having any particular kind of atmosphere, work ethic etc?

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