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7+ Prep for NLCS, Habs, etc. for my girl

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makeiteasierforme Tue 09-Feb-16 13:06:45

Hi mums, My daughter is currently in Reception and I would like to start slowly preparing her for 7+ entry into these North London schools. Where we are based there are no schools that prepare for the entry exams.

Can you tell me what works best for this age, what books or apps should I use? I currently do schofield and sims workbooks and we read a lot.

Thanks a lot ... !

CB2009 Thu 11-Feb-16 14:06:35

We have a son in NW London who just sat 7+. But in reception then we played lots of games. Top Trumps really good for numbers and adjectives (the categories). Sum Swamp was brilliant and son loved it. Lots of word games. Orchard games. For Telling the Time. Shopping lists. We tried hard to keep it fun. We steered clear of Bond books until much closer to the exams.

We also tried to read loads beyond ORT scheme books from his school. We both read to our son every single day (harder books - non fiction etc) and he reads to us. We used some apps for Maths - IXL (bit boring), Mathletics (from our school) and Maths Whizz which my son loved the most (interactive and engaging).

Good luck.

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