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Cambridge independent schools advice

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angymary Mon 08-Feb-16 21:19:09

Hello everyone
Can someone help me with my decision?
I am going to move to Cambridge in September, where I'll work in the city centre. I am looking for a good independent school for my 8yo DD, who needs a little extra supervision and small class size.
I've visited St Mary's, Cambridge International School and Sancton Wood, and I must say I was really impressed by Sancton Wood.
It's not the kind of very selective schools, it appears to be very cosy and nurturing. Also it's investing a lot a money to provide more space and resources.
Does anyone have experience with Sancton Wood? Can anyone confirm my impression?

Many Thanks!

Bellabunny14 Fri 22-Apr-16 14:52:41

Hi angymary!
Sorry this is perhaps a bit late for you, but all I would say is, don't touch Cambridge International School.... See separate discussion about it. It's going down the pan... You might also consider Heritage School in Cambridge, which is a wonderful, small, caring school.
Good luck with whatever you decide for your child.

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