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Independent School around Sunbury,Hampton,Teddington-any recommendation?

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JuneSun Sun 07-Feb-16 03:29:19

My DD is 8 and now is in year 3. She is currently in one of the state school. Although the state school is good, we feel she is that type of child requires a lot support and attention from teachers.(there is very limited communication from school regarding her progress.) Could anyone recommend some good independent schools with good academic focus around Sunbury, Hampton, Teddington or anywhere within +5miles.
Many thanks.

JuneSun Mon 08-Feb-16 00:21:57

After reading school websites, seems Jack and Jill, Newland house are good choices. anyone know a bit more about these two schools? Cheers

upwizard Mon 08-Feb-16 04:02:08

We considered both of these schools for our DD. Jack and Jill may be no good for you since it is a pre-prep only for girls from reception to year 2. I just read that they are opening a new school for girls aged 7-11 this September, but I am not sure they will take a year 4.

It is a very good school, quite academic, a bit of a hot house for Lady Eleanor Holles Junior, but girls from it also go to Surbiton High and Newland House at 7. Jack and Jill was second on our list of preferences we got a place at our top school so declined their offer.

Newland house is quite popular school. We did not apply to it as we fancied a single sex school rather than co-educational. But I read a lot of reviews here and visited the school. It was my impression that it was more boyish than girlish school. If we had a boy I would definitely look at it. However, you may have different opinion and the reviews of the school are excellent. It is quite hard to get to at reception if you did not register early.

Besides 2 mentioned schools you can also look at Twickenham Prep (despite the name it is in Hampton), Surbiton High Junior (a bit farther, but they usually have places at KS2), Lady Eleanor Holles (quite selective school, but with entries in each year).

JuneSun Mon 08-Feb-16 08:53:43

upwizard, thanks for comments. I will contact JJ to see if they will consider y4+ in that case. Do you know if the schools will let her sit in year 3 class again rather than y4 as I think she is not quite mature compare to other kids...but the downside of JJ is they have different sites for reception, so my DDs will have to go to different places.

yes, will also look Twickenham Prep, heard they are not that academic compare to JJ and NL?

upwizard Mon 08-Feb-16 18:38:48

I do not think they will allow it unless she is probably late summer born. But you had better contact the head teacher and ask her as such questions can only be decided on personal basis. I would not worry about this too much. If the school is right for her she will flourish and catch up with her age group very quickly.

I also raised the question of different sites with the HT, mainly because the second site was not very convenient for us to get to. She said that they had special arrangements for such cases when you can drop both your girls in one school and the school bus will take them to the appropriate site.

I also heard the same about Twickenham Prep, but I did not research any further, it is quite far from us and we visited it only for reference to have broader comparison of schools.

DramaQueen38 Mon 08-Feb-16 21:59:44

Newland house is a marvellous school, as is Leh - very selective and only allows girls in IF there is a space due to movement, don't necessarily add children every year and you have missed the entrance exam for the wait list , exam was in early Jan.
You might also wish to look at Athelstan house, bit of a marmite school locally but worth a look. jack and Jill girls also go onto Rowan Prep.

upwizard Mon 08-Feb-16 23:35:33

I believe JuneSun's girl is in year 3. Athelstan house is a pre-prep for girls aged 3-7. So, I do not think it helps here.

I don't know anything about Rowan Prep, but looking at their website it is in Claygate quite a long way from Sunbury-Hampton. With such travel in mind JuneSun can look at Twickenham and Richmond schools as well.

DramaQueen38 Mon 08-Feb-16 23:42:16

Ah yes, Athelstan only to 7. Good spot. I have friends from Sunbury , Hampton and even Twick who have sat for Rowan, definitely has pupils from those areas. Your 5 mile radius is large . Holy Cross is another as is St Catherine's . There really are a lot of options if you include Richmond too.

JuneSun Tue 09-Feb-16 09:47:26

Thanks for all replies. I rang JJ yesterday. The lady on the phone is very helpful and she said there is possibility that the school may run year 4 if there is enough students.

Will try other schools as suggested...

JuneSun Tue 09-Feb-16 10:19:15

I am a bit nervous about these entrance exams... no confidence at all

DramaQueen38 Tue 09-Feb-16 11:13:02

She will have missed the formal 7+ entrance tests. In-year assessment is more of an ... informal assessment to see if she would fit in. So less intimidating for her than turning up at a formal entrance exam, with large numbers of chatty girls, so that's in your favour.

upwizard Tue 09-Feb-16 16:33:05

JuneSun, most schools as DramaQueen pointed out do not run examination for in-year applicants. It is just informal interview. The only exception I know is LEH, the do formal assessment for all applicants, but it was in early January so now it is only next year for year 5 waiting list for you.

I think the general advice for you now is first decide how long you are willing to wait for a right school place. Then compile the list of school which you are comfortable to commute to, then ring all of them to find out if they have a place for your girl and if not what is their waiting list situation. After that you will have a shorter list which you can narrow down by visiting the schools and talking to the head.

JuneSun Wed 10-Feb-16 01:02:36

I am thinking of September this year, for y4.

what is the normal level requirement of Math and English at the end of y3?

upwizard Wed 10-Feb-16 04:25:53

Basically, you have to exclude LEH and do not rely on the chance that JJ will open year 4 this year. Call all the other schools and inquire about places. It may not be certain since the parents are required to give a term notice, so the parents who wants to leave after the summer term will need to notify the school by the end of the spring term. So even if the school does not have a place now it may still have one after Easter holidays. It is important for you to notify schools of your intention before the end of term and get on the waiting list.

As far as I know non-selective primary schools do not do any formal examination or assessments. And most of the London schools (especially big like Surbiton High) are very used to foreigner coming to work with children not speaking English at all. In our school there is a girl from Germany who could not say a word in English when came. So do not worry, about assessment. It is only needed for the school to ensure that the school is right for the child. It is mainly about behavior and to see if the child have any special needs. Many small schools cannot cater for all possible special needs.

The schools are also used to children coming after they could not settle in state schools (this is the main reason for in-year applications). Do not worry if your girl is behind her peers now, it is still plenty of time for her to catch up before 11+ assessment.

JuneSun Wed 10-Feb-16 08:48:20


thank you very much for your advice. I will do some homework about schools etc. didn't know it is that tough to be a parent! My parents seems always relaxing... smile

Abracadabra10 Wed 10-Feb-16 10:27:13

Hi JuneSun

It sounds like your main reason for wanting to move your daughter is your feeling that she needs more individual focus and support. If you are even considering holding her back a year (doubt this is possible tbh), I would rule out the academic- focused preps as you may find your daughter gets left off the wagon, even in a smaller class. In any case, she would have to move again in a couple of years and have the stress of 11 plus.

Have you looked at St Catherine's in Twickenham? It is a Catholic School, though only a third are actually Catholic. Very supportive school with great value-added (The head claims the senior school is one of the best in the country for this). Also the potential to move through into the Senior School and into Sixth Form. Lovely calm atmosphere there and I hear great pastoral care.

JuneSun Wed 10-Feb-16 23:18:37

Abracadabra, thanks.

agree, I don't know which school type is good for her. Will let her visit these schools and see which one suits.

I didn't know St Catherine's school. But it will be on my list now.
Many thanks.

JuneSun Wed 10-Feb-16 23:18:38

Abracadabra, thanks.

agree, I don't know which school type is good for her. Will let her visit these schools and see which one suits.

I didn't know St Catherine's school. But it will be on my list now.
Many thanks.

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