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Garden House or Francis Holland

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Stresscadet Fri 05-Feb-16 16:31:56

In need of advice please! We have had offers for our DD at both GH and FrH, obviously different in many ways but which is the better school? Which holds the better onward options post 11+? I am concerned about the possibility of FrH girls not being "prepped" enough at 11+ as the girls can continue on up the school til 18. All advice welcome!!

sanam2010 Fri 05-Feb-16 16:33:21

please take FH, have a friend on the waiting list at GH :-)

SquirmOfEels Fri 05-Feb-16 16:39:41

One difference is that one is £1,450 per term more expensive than the other.

Can you really predict now what sort of secondary school will suit your DD? Do you place any value in the safety net of a through school and opting out of 11+ angst completely if she is happy there?

Stresscadet Fri 05-Feb-16 20:02:33

SOE you are quite right, we can't possibly predict the type of secondary that DD will suit/prefer to go to at this point- she's only 3! but I don't want to jeopardise her options by opting for a school that might not prepare her for other schools.
Is it correct that the academic focus/achievement at GH girls is not as strong as elsewhere and so I suppose my question is: Are the academics at FrH stronger compared to Garden House?

MMmomKK Sat 06-Feb-16 01:44:11

FrH is a stronger school. And is a desirable destination for many girls in the area, even from the top academic preps. St.Paul's, etc. can't fit them all!

All of this is just to say - 11+ is a brutal process in this part of town. It is hard on all involved - girls, their parents, etc. If you can potentially avoid it - it is worth it.

If it turns out that your DD is St.Paul's material - there are many ways to help her prepare for the exams.

MMmomKK Sat 06-Feb-16 01:45:54

"St.Paul's material"

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