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Primary schools near oxted/hurst green way

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Hael84 Wed 03-Feb-16 19:39:08

We have seen a gorgeous house in Hurst green that we potentially want to go for.
I currently live in Kent and have a child who will be in year 2 this coming sept (he's just turned 6) and a child who will start reception this sept.
I've noticed most of the schools in the area are seperate infant and junior schools.
Does anyone know if there are any that are ages 4-11? In or around the area? (Not private schools).
I really don't want to move my eldest to a new school just to do 1 year for him to be moved again when he is 7!
If not, are any of the infant/junior schools attached to each other? X

LC1 Sat 20-Feb-16 22:20:53

Most of the schools around Oxted have infant and then juniors, there is Crockham Hill which goes all the way through but the intake is only around 20 each year and may be difficult to get into from Hurst Green. A thing to consider is if you move from Kent into Surrey your chance of a grammar school place is limited whereas if you stay around the Kent boundaries you have more chance of both Oxted and Grammars. I know someone who moved from Kent to Surrey and did manage to get one of her children into Weald but is now considering moving back to get the next one in.

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