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Notting Hill Prep vs Glendower?

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CupcakesAndFizz Wed 03-Feb-16 11:29:46

Reposting this as I've now found the primary education section!

The main point is probably commute - is it crazy to have 3 kids in 3 different schools in London? (see below).

Friday noon is deadline for accepting assessed places and I was hoping there might be a mum out there who's faced the same decision, esp those with boys and girls.

Glendower (girls only, seems great academically and small class size, but a bit formal/pressured? Are the mum's tiger-mums??) vs Notting Hill Prep (co-Ed, non assessed but children seem more well rounded, less competitive, happier? Awesome head, I thought). We originally thought we wanted single sex. Both same distance from us (we are Brook Green).

Would I be nuts to turn down Glendower? I have 2 girls and a boy all under 5, so would I be nuts to NOT go with NHP because it'd make life easier for them all to go to the same place? Is communising 2 to 3 locations for schools going to break us as a family?? (Thinking if we went Glendower that eldest will eventually be at secondary, 2nd DD then at Glendower, DS at another primary). Is it worth it if DD is clever and will likely thrive in a school that stretches her? Any advice from mum's in the know hugely appreciated!

DD also has a place Queens Gate and it's lovely but I feel a bit too art/humanities strong compared to science/sports/music for us. Attractive not to have to go through this again at 11+ though...!

CupcakesAndFizz Wed 03-Feb-16 17:12:24

Anyone? Maybe these are not two schools West London mums often compare. I felt both were really dynamic but in very different ways. NHP strikes me as more likely to have friendly parents somehow.

seasaltcaramel Wed 03-Feb-16 17:27:07

I answered on your other thread - my vote was for NHP - logistics. All kids in same school, same school holidays.

bartonian Thu 04-Feb-16 23:48:29

I have a daughter at Glendower and 2 sons who are both at different schools - my school run takes an hour and a half on a good day. This seems daunting at first but soon becomes normal, we do learning spellings/French vocab/times tables in the car rather than at home, or just chat and it's fine, sometimes even fun. For us it was important that all the children went to the school that was best for them, rather than easiest for me to get to, and I would say that Glendower is definitely the right school for DD - she loves it, never shows even the slightest reluctance about going to school. She is doing well in all her subjects, has friends she loves, and is learning how to be kind and considerate (at least at school!). For me that is worth an extra half an hour in the car, but you have to do what seems right for your family.

CupcakesAndFizz Fri 05-Feb-16 09:46:20

Thanks v much all, esp Bartonian. Have totally obsessed about this decision (too much) and even hung out by the school gates at pick up yesterday to scope the mums! We bit the bullet and have paid Glendower deposit this am, gawd I hope it was the right choice! Bottom line in the end was how can I choose convenience and an area I know over potentially what's the best school for her? She's v bright and hope she'll excel alongside other bright girls. Time will tell!

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