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Colour banding in Wales - do you think its a true reflection of standards

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bacon Tue 02-Feb-16 18:20:33

as ours is amber again (Green top, yellow, amber, red -poor) and no surprise there. I see absolutely no changes since the Esytn which obtained 'acceptable'. While the classes seem to be split that its a load of rubbish and make excuses while there seems a lot of unhappy parents who are looking to change school. Sadly DS1 in yr 5 next year is the last year (doing below average). My other child in yr 2 is seriously behind and there is no money for any 1 to 1. Am looking to pay for extra tuition. My other option is to go to another school which have yellow banding but not sure if I'll be jumping out of the frying pan...unsure where to go with this?

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