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awesomeblossom Tue 26-Jan-16 22:03:23

Hi there, just wondering if anyone could tell me more about the 5+ assessments. We were told by the school that it would be 1.5hours of play based assessment and implied they are not specifically looking for advanced literacy and numeracy skills for this.

I was hoping to hear some of your accounts of what was asked. Also wondering what sort of activities they make them do (outdoor vs indoor, working with pen and paper vs building lego/puzzles etc). I looked at some of the old threads but couldn't find any specifics.

Anybody else's DS attending this year? Anyone else on the same boat?

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Bigbiscuits Wed 27-Jan-16 15:51:24

Really. Just your little boy go in and be himself.

They know what they are looking for and he will either meet the criteria or not (in which case you are very free to try again at 7+).

There is really nothing you can do to prep a boy at this age.

And he needs really be really ready to attend this school. They work at a cracking pace and you don't want him to be struggling through his primary years when he should be having fun.

awesomeblossom Thu 28-Jan-16 21:39:42

Thanks for the reply.

We visited the pre-prep campus for their open morning and we loved what we saw. Compared with other North London prep schools that we experienced (good placement records to Habs at 11+), Habs appeared to be a lot more well-rounded in their approach. I also felt it was less hot-housey, although, academically fast paced. Probably helped by their ability to select.

DS doesn't take kindly to surprises and we just wanted to brief him a bit beforehand on what could be in store. I agree that it is difficult to prepare for an assessment at this young age. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Wondering if there are any Mums/Dads here, with their little ones going in this year?

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Bigbiscuits Fri 29-Jan-16 14:57:09

One of the assessors has to lead DS from me into the assessment room by the hand as he would not leave me and was doing that quiet crying thing that kids that age do sometimes when separated from their parent.

He was offered a place.

I think you need to just trust that they know how to make DC comfortable in the assessment room.

And no. It's not a hothouse. The boys have so many wonderful and fun opportunities. There is so much more than just academics.

But they do need the be able to naturally keep up with a fast pace of work.

awesomeblossom Wed 03-Feb-16 23:21:35

Fingers crossed for him, hope he will get on alright

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zen9081 Thu 07-Mar-19 11:11:22

@awesomeblossom did your DS make it? How as Habs been for you?

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