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Best experience days have you booked - looking for ideas for an 11 year old's birthday!

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ukgirlatheart Mon 25-Jan-16 14:04:07

DS birthday very soon rather than toys, books, lego (!) etc, am looking to do buy some experience days like the ones you get off Groupon perhaps?

He loves animals, is quite adventurous..Ive already purchased a Meerkat experience.

Any other ideas?

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Mon 25-Jan-16 15:01:59

Could he be a zookeeper for the day?

squeaver Mon 25-Jan-16 15:04:59

My d did zookeeper for the day at Whipsnade (if you're anywhere near) and loved it. Actually it was two days. She was 10.

Go Ape?

I think the London Aquarium does a behind the scenes tour.

ukgirlatheart Mon 25-Jan-16 15:15:29

Not sure he'd be too bothered on the zoo keeper thanks anyway.
Have done GO Ape was thinking of doing the Segways there

sweetheart Mon 25-Jan-16 15:18:51

Climb over the 02? I think you can do white water rafting at the olympic stadium too. These are things my son would love to do - just waiting for him to be big enough. There is a huge zipwire over a quarry somewhere too that I've seen online before. What about maybe rifle shooting or archery. Or Go Karting - we have just done that and it was amazing fun.

PippaFawcett Mon 25-Jan-16 15:18:55

They can spend a night in the Natural History Museum which I think looks amazing:

Leeds2 Mon 25-Jan-16 19:08:52

My DD did llama walking for her 11th birthday, which was fab!

Could go on one of those duck tours. I know they do them in London, where you drive around the city on a guided tour and then drive into the Thames and do the last bit as a boat. Think they do them on other cities too.

Mercedes Benz World do driving experiences. I think eligibility depended on height, rather than age.

ukgirlatheart Tue 26-Jan-16 11:49:06

anymore ideas welcome

mrsmortis Wed 27-Jan-16 12:35:40

My DNephew got a paddle boarding lesson as a 12th birthday present. He loved it.

sweetheart Wed 27-Jan-16 14:47:30

oh yes my daughter did waterskiing on a zip wire thing last year and loved it. Also try googling water jet pack

sweetheart Wed 27-Jan-16 14:48:11

or what about this

Leeds2 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:52:19

I think you mean wake boarding, sweetheart? If so, my DD loved it!

There is also that thing where DC are put inside a giant see through ball, and rolled down a hill. Zorbing?

Leeds2 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:53:23

Sorry, looked at your link too late! My DD did enjoy it though!

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