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Primary schools in Milton Keynes

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Reggybalboa Mon 25-Jan-16 14:03:08

Hello. We are going to be moving to Milton Keynes and I wondered what people could tell me about Great Linford, and its primary schools. Also what do people know of the private primaries in MK? I gather there are 4 - the the two MK prep group schools, the Grove and the Webber (formerly Bury Lawn) Any to avoid? Any to particularly recommend? The idea was to try for the Aylesbury or Buckingham grammar schools at 11+.
Thank you.

bojorojo Mon 25-Jan-16 17:24:15

I only know of MK Prep. A friend had a child there and loved it.

Regarding MK, you need to have a back-up plan if you fail to get a grammar school place. What is the best secondary school in MK if you do not intend to pay for secondary education? Live where you need to live for that eventuality. Where there are grammar schools, you always need plan B. Also, do the Bucks grammar schools offer transport from Great Linford?

Also, check that the primary schools you are interested in actually have places. They may be full in the years you want. You have missed the deadline for Reception applications, but are you talking of years into the future? Also, consider living just over the border in Bucks. This widens your choice of primary schools but you would need to consider what secondary you want because Bucks secondary schools are not comprehensive.

Reggybalboa Mon 25-Jan-16 19:53:17

Thank you bojorojo. I had not considered whether the school buses would go from great Linford. I have now checked and at present they do. My two eldest are already at school, yrs 1 and 2 so I know I am unlikely therefore to get places in a state school of my choosing which is why I am trying to suss out the private options. I guess I was wondering whether the state primary in gt Linford was worth trying for, accepting that it is likely to be difficult. And I was wondering what kind of place it is to live in compared with other parts of MK.
We have given a lot of thought to being on the bucks schools side of the border but property seems a lot more affordable in MK and seems to be really good for transport into London (a must for us). And the other factor that lured us there was that in some parts you could feel like you are living in a village but still benefit from all the amenities of living in a town. Does that make any sense?

redskybynight Tue 26-Jan-16 12:35:52

Don't know about Gt Linford specifically but I'd say most of the primary schools in MK are fine. I wouldn't say the differences of one over another were worth busting a gut to get your DC into a specific school. With an in-year application, you really will be taking what you can get though.

I second the advice about a plan B - getting in aside, your children are young enough that the grammar situation may have entirely changed by the time they get there and it might be nigh on impossible to get in living in MK!! It also makes for a very long commute (for the DC). Most secondaries in MK have a feeder primary preference, so I'd be at least half thinking about where your feeder secondary might be (with of course the caveat about your DC being a way off and schools constantly changing etc etc). Great Linford would be catchment for Stantonbury I would guess - which is a bit of a marmite school.

SusanUT Tue 26-Apr-16 10:18:17

Hi just wondering if you had decided on which school? I've just moved to Willen and am looking at Willen, Great Linford and Giffard Park primary schools but all seem to be struggling at the moment. It's a shame as they used to be really good! I guess it's the gentrification problem, most young families have moved to the new areas like Middleton, Broughton Gate and Oakgrove etc so the investment in primary schools there is wonderful and they are all excellent! We've just moved out of that catchment area to live in a bigger house, but I didn't think about the school situation! (doh!) My DD is currently in MK Prep (pre-school) and I'm considering keeping him on for primary school, or possibly Akeley wood (20 min drive away). I know those who can afford it in the Willen, Giffard Park and Great Linford areas all pay for private education, my neighbour's sons go to the Bedford Boys school and others go to Swanbourne House. It's such a shame Willen/GL/GiffardPark schools are all going down hill.....they need investment badly. Saying that though, everyone tells me not to go by results alone- Willen Primary has a great PTA and environmental education and great playground....and the OFSTED report does say kids social environment is wonderful.....I'm definitely going to have a look around them all!

bojorojo Tue 26-Apr-16 14:10:08

Ofsted do not judge schools on playgrounds and state of the art buildings. They look at the quality of teaching and progress the children make. If so many people in the catchment areas of these schools pay for education it may be that their numbers are shrinking and they just don't have to money to make improvements. Also, if the brightest children are going to the prep schools, then these schools are left with a disproportionate number of middle and lower achievers. Some of the comprehensives in MK suffer from not having enough higher achievers too, because so many of them are at grammar schools in Bucks.

MKmummy123 Tue 26-Apr-16 17:30:56

I grew up in Great Linford and it is a lovely area but unfortunately not great for schooling. The primary school is ok but not brilliant and Great Linford is catchment for Stantonbury secondary school which has a reputation as one of the worst in MK. I went to Great Linford Primary (a long time ago) and then my parents chose to pay for private school for secondary to avoid Stantonbury. As for private primaries, I know a few people with kids in the pre-school at MK prep who are happy but think they are going state when their children are school age. Is the Grove in Loughton? If so, that looks like a nice school and I've heard some good things about it. Bury Lawn / Webber Independent has not had a great reputation in recent years. I hope some of that is helpful.

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