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St Luke's primary school in Brighton - is it really outstanding?

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Rikkitikkitemper Thu 21-Jan-16 14:24:44

We are considering this school for DS and I would love to hear from people who have first hand experience with the school.

I am a little concerned with the schools apparent lack of ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural diversity. I've been left with the impression that the school is wonderful for 'heteronormative middle-class former London families', but maybe less so for others. Is this true?

Moreover, I've heard rumours that staff are quite intimidated by the head teacher. It seems like quite a lot of long term staff have left recently. Where they unhappy?

Please help, my mind is in a muddle.

Rikkitikkitemper Fri 22-Jan-16 12:57:35


slebmum1 Fri 22-Jan-16 13:45:04

My cousin goes there y1. He is being badly physically bullied and family aren't happy with the way it's been dealt with. Before this they were very very happy with the school.

Rikkitikkitemper Fri 22-Jan-16 14:00:02

Oh my goodness, that's horrible! I hope his situation improvs soon. Thank you for sharing!

Myothercarisalsoshit Fri 22-Jan-16 22:27:31

Have you been to visit the school? What vibe did you pick up? What did you observe of the diversity or lack of it? Many, not all, 'outstanding' schools will work their staff and pupils very hard in the desperate attempt to hang on to their status. Some, not all, lose track of the fact that the children are all unique and individual and put a lot of pressure on them to perform. Some do not value the diversity of which you speak, especially if that diversity might negatively affect their SAT results. In my experience, from a staff point of view 'outstanding' can equal stressed teachers and TA's with excessive workloads, constant staff flux as faces cease to fit and older members of staff being replaced by shiny new NQT's. Are you sure you want this for your child? I would try and look past the 'outstanding' label and find a caring and diverse school for you child that will meet his or her needs.

Rikkitikkitemper Sat 23-Jan-16 12:44:05

I've visited the school many times and have not been able to reconcile my gut feelings about it, with the way in which some people, speak about the school. The only outstanding things I have seen or heard about the school have been the Head teachers sales pitch and the schools website.

Thank you Myothercarisalsoshit. You are right in that I should look beyond the 'outstanding' label and trust my intuition.

I'm sure it is a very good school for many children, but it does not feel like the right place for DS. Thanks again!

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