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Bursary Application for Indy

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pinkbabyy Thu 21-Jan-16 11:32:31

I have applied for a bursary for my DD who sat an entrance exam (+10) earlier this month. The school website advised that a home visit "may" be necessary from a third party company.

Does anyone know whether a home visit is always conducted, and if I have not had a call would it indicate that a bursary is not in consideration, (pending a successful exam outcome)? Results are due out end of the month.

They advise that the determination of the bursary is completely independent of the exam results and shouldn't be taken to indicate success or lack thereof.

In the event that DD is successful on the exam, at which point would we be notified of the bursary? Same time as the results?

To put it another way -- would a bursary be offered solely on the information --albeit comprehensive and robust sent in with the initial forms be sufficient without further interviews/home visits/etc?

pusspusslet Thu 21-Jan-16 18:42:31

Hi there,

I think it will all depend on the school. You could contact them and ask for further info, but I understand if you don't want to appear to be pressing them.

Very best of luck to your DD!


Lurkedforever1 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:38:37

We never had a home visit, although the school did say they sometimes do. Didn't stop them offering one.

You really need to speak to the bursar. Dds required proof at the time of entering her. Post interview they told me how much bursary she was entitled to if they were to award one. Then after offer day and the end of the tax year I had to send in the figures and proof again. The other school we applied to did pretty much the same. Doesn't mean they all follow that though.

Also worth enquiring how they allocate bursaries when there are more eligible pupils than there is bursary money. At dds in theory you could just scrape in from the exam, and if you need a bursary they'd award it. But in practice there's always far more bursary applicants than bursaries, so they go on exam/ interview performance to award them, meaning most bursary entrants do end up just being offered full fee places. I've been told some schools just spread the pot out between them all, but afaik that tends to be more the less popular/ smaller/ less wealthy ones.

pinkbabyy Fri 22-Jan-16 10:33:25

Thanks pusspusslet and Lurkedforever 1 for your replies.

Yes -- I don't want to seem pushy and also may not have anything to worry about come next week...just have to be patient!

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