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Best Prep School - Putney Based (Prospect House / Eton House the Manor) [smile]

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Bellseybub Tue 19-Jan-16 13:30:50

Hi Allsmile

I am having a school dilema and was hoping a bit of local mums knowledge would help. My daughter will start reception in 2018 however such is the way with waiting lists for school, I am putting her down now. I have visited Hurlingham which I have outright ruled out (its just not for us). I went to a small private girls school which was a little like Mallory Towers and I absolutely loved it. I loved the cosy environment. However that said, I really would prefer to narrow it down to a co-ed school for my little girl. So far, Prospect House is top of the list in terms of it being local (I am Putney based), and the other schools I have considered (and not ruled out) are Fulham Prep and Ibstock. I have seriously considered Eton House The Manor (girls) however the only draw back is that realistically, it is just too far to drive to Clapham every day. I understand they have a bus from Parsons Green but presume it doesnt stretch to Putney. If anyone who lives in Putney sends their kids there, I would be really keen to hear how you get on!!! smilesmile I would absolutely consider Bute House if I could get her in but again, Hammersmith is just too far from Putney and I am not sure how the commute would go - unless they have a school bus system that I havent tapped in to yet!

What has been key for us is that the academic level is good, the school leavers list for senior school is extremely successful for top London and Boarding schools, and ideally, they have an environment to prep the children for exams (this makes schools like Ibstock a little less appealing as they assume if you are bright, you will go to their senior school.

If I had a boy, it seems the choices would be easy (aim for Kings College prep schools and Collete House), but with little girls, it is very hard to find clear winners that are within reasonable commuting reach.

Really keen to hear your views on top prep schools, and for those of you that do the commute to Eton House the Manor Prep School from Putney or near by. smilesmilesmile

nowirehangers Tue 19-Jan-16 13:37:50

You would be bonkers to commute from Putney to Eaton House, as you acknowledge. Afaik Bute doesn't run a bus and the chances of getting in at 4 are tiny and out of your hands. Prospect House is a lovely school and gets good results with a mixed bunch of children. Lots of people I know v happy with Fulham prep too.

LarkDescending Tue 19-Jan-16 15:29:37

Have you considered Kensington Prep (on Fulham Road)?

Bellseybub Tue 19-Jan-16 15:33:56

Thanks, I did think about Kensington Prep because they have an outstanding reputation. However are because I am in Putney Heath, it's put me back into the situation of long travel on a daily basis which might not be doable. If I go down that road, I feel I would be as well to re-consider Eaton house.

I have a guaranteed place for her at Eton house. The only thing that I questioned about prospect house was how many of the children went to top boarding schools and top london day schools. Totally agree that the school my child goes to will be dependent on her personality and want to make sure she's got every opportunity ! smile.

Big thank you for the feedback which is very valuable to me !!!


IrrationalAnthem Tue 19-Jan-16 19:46:43

Prospect house is a wonderful school. Children achieve really well there, go to a whole range of high schools and are happy!

MMmomKK Tue 19-Jan-16 20:29:53

Kensington prep from Putney Heath is not too bad of a commute. Not longer than to Fulham Prep. And it is the best school in the area - both on academics and facilities.

When your daughter is small it's hard to tell whether mixed, or single sex environment would be best. For example Dd1 turned out to be really shy by the time school admissions came about. She would have been lost (as in not seen, not paid attention to) in a co-ed environment. Quiet, bright girls often are - they do well enough without much need for attention, which is required to make sure 4yo boys behave.

Dd2 would have been fine in co-ed, but academic results of co-ed vs single sex around here just do not compare. In addition, I have never (and hope to never) heard from Dds - "math is for boys" - which is what a friends' daughter from Fulham Prep used to say.

For the secondary, there is a good co-ed option for us here - Latymer. I do hope my girls would consider it.

All I am saying - your daughter is still young. You don't yet know what school might be best for her. Registering in more schools doesn't cost a lot, but would give you more options later on.

RascarCapac Wed 20-Jan-16 13:27:12

To be honest, I think you would be bonkers to live around Putney Heath and not go to a local school. Putney is stuffed with suitable preps - it is like living in the ground zero or epi-centre of good private schools. To commute for 30 mins plus a day, to have friends who do not live nearby would, to my mind, negatively impact your life (in circumstances where it can be avoided).

Go and have a good look at Prospect House. It is right on your door step and is a very good school. Ask to see its list of offers and acceptances for the last few years. It's non-selective so there is a wide spread but it sends children everywhere and regularly sends children to all of the top London day schools (and girls to top boarding schools at 11), if that is what you are looking for (see caveat below). I think my only reservation would be sending a boy there who you wanted to go through the 13+ route, and the school itself is clear they are not geared to that. But that is not what you are looking for.

The caveat - your daughter is very young. How do you know that a "top London day school" is going to be right for her - or that she will get in? There are always Sure, you and your DH may yourselves have qualifications aplenty from top ranked universities but that honestly does not translate automatically (ask me how I know). I would think a good prep with a great atmosphere and a track record of getting children in to schools that are right for them is what you are looking for - and you have that right on your doorstep.

Luckygirlcharlie Mon 01-Feb-16 21:13:07

Hi. Also would love to pick people's brains but from the opposite side! Anyone here with boys at Putney preps? DS1 down for Merlin, Prodpect House and Hurlingham. Nursery at Lion House if we don't do PHS. Do you know where Merlin boys tend to go if they don't get into the usual choices at 7/8+? Also is Yr 3 much smaller than Yr 2 because of the successful 7+ leavers? I loved PHS and Hurlingham but the imbalance of girls over boys in the top years, particularly at PHS, puts me off as does the lack of opportunity / support if we did want him to try for the 7/8+. It's a tough call for boys. DS1 also for Sept 18 and DS2 due soon and hopefully he'd follow but obviously we've a while to go before we know what he'll be like! Very interested in Rascar's comment too. DH was Inperial and Cambridge and laughs at my measly Royal Holloway! DS1 certainly not stupid but clearly too little to tell about academics. Want them to be happy over everything else - or not bottom of the class in a top school - so if that looked like being the case we'd abandon 7/8+ hence the questions. Thanks. smile

RascarCapac Tue 02-Feb-16 08:59:54

Lucky girl, I think from those schools boys go on at 11 to KCS (which historically has had a v small intake), Hampton, Latymer Upper and KGS (these 3 have large and main intake at 11). Odd places at Colet Court and WUS at 11. It is interesting that KCS will have an expanded intake at 11 and my guess is that it will be very popular with the local preps that go up to 11. But there are plenty of good choices. You are right that schools that go to 11 will not prep for 7+. Presumably you could always prepare privately although in my experience there was little to no outflow at the end of Y2, so presumably most parents are mentally committed to a move at 11. Our experience certainly wasn't of boys dropping out of a through to 11 prep leaving the upper years girl heavy.

People I know who went down the traditional boys prep route went to Shrewsbury House (there is a bus) or Rokeby. I really don't know enough about either to comment as I've never even had a prospectus from either or looked at their websites.

I'd search on here for views on Merlin - bit marmite-y, I think. (I don't know anything concrete, as it wasn't what we were looking for)

AnotherNewt Tue 02-Feb-16 09:11:09

OP: I was on your previous thread.

Eaton House Girls is not good for you, because the senior schools you are currently interested in start at 13+ and it goes only to 11+.

You seem to have ruled out the other suggestions from that thread.

Unless it's your route to work, it's not worth having a school run that crosses the river at pre-prep age.

So that leaves Prospect House and Ibstock. Prospect House goes only to 11+.

So that leaves Ibstock, which is the only one on a do-able school run which covers the age range you said you want. As however it has a senior department, you will need to ask how it prepares pupils whose parents want them to leave at 13+ to board.

Cleo1303 Wed 20-Apr-16 12:10:55

You could always try Holy Cross Prep off Kingston Hill, although it is all girls.

sanam2010 Wed 20-Apr-16 13:22:01

I would look at the Roche School, it's fantastic, all the benefits of the Merlin School but goes to 11+.

Cleo1303 Wed 20-Apr-16 14:00:49

I thought about mentioning the Roche School but I wonder why they only have the Ofsted inspections rather than the ISI. Also, they used to be rather unclear about where the children moved on to, but maybe that has changed now.

cavedescreux Wed 20-Apr-16 22:22:30

I wouldn't rule out Putney High given where you live - great benefit going straight to 18.

sanam2010 Thu 21-Apr-16 10:12:35

Cleo, they give you a detailed list with all the offers each Year 6 child got. Many boys get into King's College Wimbledon / Colet Court / Dulwich College. Many girls move on to Putney High / Wimbledon High. It's not on their website somehow but they give it to parents when they visit. Many smaller and family owned private schools do Ofsted inspections rather than ISI (maybe there is a higher cost to IAPS membership?), even all the Thomas's Schools are inspected by Ofsted rather than ISI.

Parentingfor2 Thu 28-Apr-16 00:22:46

@Belleseybub - Propect House sounds like a great option for your DD. Any time you can take out from commuting is extra quality time you can spend with your DD/Family or resting... you don't want to be commuting through the heavily polluted putney high street every school day.
The school is great in many respects. I know a number of parents who send their DC there and they (and their DC) all appear to rate it highly. The parents appear to be a very friendly lot.

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