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Writing text for 6/7 yr olds

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Jow14 Mon 18-Jan-16 16:32:49

Are there any teachers out there? I am writing some text for KS1 and using Fry's readability graph to test it. Does anyone know how these reading levels correspond? Also, what average level should I pitch text for 6/7 yr olds? It is designed to be read with an adult present so some tricky animal-related words will be included. Any help v much appreciated! smile

toomuchicecream Mon 18-Jan-16 19:52:33

Don't know what Fry's readability graph is I'm afraid. My best suggestion for you would be to get on the Oxford Owl website which lets you read online a variety of Oxford Reading Tree books from each level. It will also tell you which levels are aimed at each year group - that bit isn't an exact science as you will always get stronger and weaker readers, but it should give you a good guide.

Jow14 Mon 18-Jan-16 21:09:31

Thanks for that, that's very helpful! smile

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