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Year 6 SATS

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teeththief Wed 13-Jan-16 18:13:24

DS came home from school today and said they had done a practise SATS maths and 'literacy' test (his words, I'm sure it's not known as a literacy paper?). Have schools been sent these to practise with? The poor year 6's preceeding have done practise papers constantly from February half term and I was hoping DS would not do the same with there not being any past papers.

mrz Wed 13-Jan-16 18:50:58

No schools haven't been sent these but publishers have been very busy producing tests for schools to purchase

teeththief Wed 13-Jan-16 19:06:48

So are they similar enough to the real thing to get a decent sense of how they might do in the real test? Or they just a big fat con? grin

teeththief Wed 13-Jan-16 19:07:39

or are they..

mrz Wed 13-Jan-16 19:55:59

They are similar to the samples published on line but who knows what the actual test will look like when they are opened in May this government is fond of changing their mind.

mrz Wed 13-Jan-16 19:57:19

No one actually knows at this point how the tests will be marked and thresholds won't be published until after the tests so it's guesswork!

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