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East Finchley primary schools info needed please

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upthegardenpath Tue 05-Jan-16 13:44:52

We might be moving to this area in a year or so, from another part of north London.
I'd have to visit the schools we are interested in and then put my 7 yo DD on their waiting list. I know that some schools do their own admissions at year 4 or 5 level, whereas others stipulate I'd have to go through the council.

DD is currently in a non-religious Camden primary school, so if worst comes to worst, we could drive her to her current school from new house BUT I also like the idea that she eventually goes to a school local to her.

I've heard some passing good comments about Martin Primary, but have no idea about Coldfall Primary or Holy Trinity Primary.
We are hoping to move to the bit of EF closest to Archer Academy free school (secondary), so that will to some extent determine which primary we can opt for.
Has anyone got some good insider info about any of the above schools or any others I've missed please?

Thanks peeps cake flowers

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