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How do you convert a fraction into a decimal?!

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ukgirlatheart Mon 04-Jan-16 13:12:43

DS homework is to convert fractions into decimals, something they havent done in class before...I just cant get my head around it blush

Some of the sums have whole numbers in so eg. 1 5/8

Anyone explain how to do this please in simplist terms so I can convey to DS

chelle792 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:15:46

The 1 is a whole number so stays as it is.
Then its 5 divided by 8.
That's your answer.
I haven't got a calculator but it'll be something like 1.3 or whatever complete guess

chelle792 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:16:31

I mean complete guess as the actual answer. Not the method blush I just couldn't be bothered to work the numbers out properly wink

chelle792 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:16:57


ukgirlatheart Mon 04-Jan-16 13:17:24

So 5 divided by 8 doesnt go so you make it 50???

Woodhill Mon 04-Jan-16 13:18:21

yes. 0.625. You could tell them about .1 being 1/10, .25 = 1/4, .5 = 1/2 etc.

Woodhill Mon 04-Jan-16 13:19:58

or you could do 13/8 as an improper fraction then divide and get the same answer. 1.625

Needaninsight Mon 04-Jan-16 13:20:55

0.1.....the 1 is actually over 10.

0.25 ...the 25 is actually over 25/100 is the same as 1/4

5/8 - 5 divided by 8.

Tbh, there are a list of decimals it's just worth learning.

Bit crap to have it as homework if they haven't covered it before!

Check out BBC Bitesize KS2 - there will be a lesson on there.

lougle Mon 04-Jan-16 13:22:33

You can either do 1 + (5÷8), or 13÷8

If you want to do it step by step:
2.5÷2= 1.25 (5÷4)
1.25÷2=0.625 (5÷8)

0.625 + 1= 1.625

irvine101 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:25:07

ukgirlatheart Mon 04-Jan-16 13:30:09

irvine - this is brill

irvine101 Mon 04-Jan-16 13:40:16

You may have already found it, but start from here might be better.

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