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School admission in Trafford

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sr76 Wed 30-Dec-15 15:21:31


I’m hoping to get some help and advice if possible. It’s my first post here, so please forgive if I get anything wrong. Currently we live in Rochdale and planning to move to Trafford area in 3-4 months, around Sale/Altrincham due to DH job commitments. Our DD is in Year 4 in a local school so I need to make an in-year transfer application when we move.

My main concern is around the admission for our DS as he is due to start school in Sept 2016. We have already made the school application for DS here but that will be irrelevant. When we move and make a new application to Trafford LA in April/May, I guess it will be treated as a late application so I am unsure what are the drawbacks, will we be given any priority to the catchment area or proximity to the school etc. Closing date for Trafford school admissions is 15th Jan 2016, highly unlikely we can find a house to rent before then. The last thing we want is for the kids to go to different schools.

If you can suggest any alternatives or advice, I would really, really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

tiggytape Wed 30-Dec-15 16:53:41

When you make your application to Trafford, all of the people already living in that area will have been allocated schools. Therefore the council will only be able to make you offers from schools which have spare places left for Year 4 and for Reception.

Hopefully that will be the same school but there's no guarantees. Sometimes very popular schools are jam-packed in reception but have free spaces in older year groups due to people moving away

And no matter how close you move to a Trafford school, you won't be able to get a place if they are already full (even if they are full with people living further than your new house) so in that sense there is no priority. But living close to a particular school will almost certainly put you higher up the waiting lists than people already in Trafford who applied on time, but live further away than your new house. You will bump some people down the list if you move closer than they are.

Also, in most cases, you will get sibling priority. That means that whichever school your Year 4 child attends will put your YR child to the top of their waiting list (where sibling priority is one of the higher admissions criteria for the school). So you may initially get separate schools but even if that happened, you would hopefully find the other child top of the list for a place and receive an offer for them at the same school some time afterwards.

Finally you can appeal for a Year 4 child to join the same school as their younger sibling with some hope of success. There virtually no hope the other way round (i.e. virtually no hope of a successful reception appeal) but in Year 4 the legal limit doesn't apply so it is possible to win if you put a good case.

Towelonthedoor Wed 30-Dec-15 16:57:45

I know they are extending/adding extra classes in some schools. I've know ppl to get their first choice a week after taking the option given to them

admission Wed 30-Dec-15 21:22:04

I would attempt to have moved well before April 16th which is the date when places allocated are announced.
That means that you should be able to get your elder child into a school quickly and then be in a position to be able to request the same school for younger child for reception in Sept 2016 by the April 16th. You will probably not get a place immediately but you will be a child with sibling priority as soon as clearing starts of places that have been rejected. You do however need to understand that Trafford have for maintained schools an admission criteria which has looked after children, then siblings living in catchment, followed by those pupils living in catchment and then siblings living out of catchment.
Your problem is that the place allocated to your eldest is likely to be an out of catchment school, so you will not have as much priority as you might have wanted. I am afraid there is nothing you can do about this. Hopefully you will get a place for the younger child that is acceptable to you and as tiggytape says it will be far easier to go to appeal with the elder child in year 4 than for reception.

sr76 Thu 31-Dec-15 10:49:06

Thank you so much tiggytape for such a detailed response. If we can't find a place and rent it before cut-off date, then as you suggested, I'd have to accept the place for Reception and then move my DD there.
Thanks Towelonthedoor for the info.
Admission, thanks for your reply. We are looking to move in soon as and see what happens.

namechangedtoday15 Mon 04-Jan-16 12:35:36

One other thing to add - OP have a read through the school application procedure on the Trafford website. I think for the Council to accept your new address as the one they consider to be your "permanent" address, in Trafford, that means a tenancy of at least 12 months if you're renting. It might be worth speaking to the Council to see if that applies when you are making a late application.

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