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Sweetsecret Sun 20-Dec-15 19:40:38

Hi everyone, sorry if this has been discussed already, feel free to point me in the right direction of a previous thread.
But I have just received my DD's report and have no clue what it means!
She is in Y1, and it says Reading W3, Writing W2, Maths W2.
Any teachers or parents out there know what this means?
Many thanks!

AtSea1979 Sun 20-Dec-15 19:42:29

Working at year 3, working at year 2.

Jesabel Sun 20-Dec-15 19:44:00

Each school uses their own system, so you'll have to ask the teacher. Pretty crap of them to send a report without explaining what it means though.

Sweetsecret Sun 20-Dec-15 19:57:58

Ah that makes sense Atsea thankyou, there was a very brief explanation but after reading it about ten times I still couldn't figure it out!

admission Sun 20-Dec-15 20:13:48

If it is working at year 3 etc, then I would want to start asking questions of exactly what is being measured. So early in year 1 to be working at year 3 level, when they will have not been exposed properly to the year 3 syllabus seems to be a bit of stretch.
I would ask the school specifically what it means and how they got to their determination of what level your daughter is working at.

Sweetsecret Sun 20-Dec-15 20:25:30

Yeah good point admission, I know her reading is very good and is reading books level 2 A+ on the OLT, it's the Maths I think is a bit ahead of where it should be, as I find it's that she suggested most with.

Sweetsecret Sun 20-Dec-15 20:32:29


ConfusedInBath Sun 20-Dec-15 22:18:52

How can she be working at year 3?

Sweetsecret Sun 20-Dec-15 22:57:03

I don't know.

irvine101 Sun 20-Dec-15 23:12:45

Possible if she is G & T.

ConfusedInBath Sun 20-Dec-15 23:19:53

But how is she accessing year 3 work is what I meant. I'd pop in and ask her teacher OP.

irvine101 Sun 20-Dec-15 23:23:35

Work books, website, etc?

irvine101 Sun 20-Dec-15 23:28:34

Or school might be sending her to YR2/3?

mrz Mon 21-Dec-15 06:13:30

She doesn't need to be going to another class to be taught the Y3 curriculum but it would be very unusual for her to be taught it at this stage under the new national curriculum where children are meant to be stretched /extended in other ways first (even G&T pupils)
I'd suggest asking the school what system they are using and if they are teaching the programme if study from another key stage how they plan to proceed.

irvine101 Mon 21-Dec-15 06:56:06

I totally agree with mrz.
especially this,
"if they are teaching the programme if study from another key stage how they plan to proceed."

My ds's school done it under old NC, and under new NC, he has to do same thing all over again this year.(under the name of stretching within year group).
But if OP's dd's school still teaching beyond year group now, it maybe a really good school.(especially for G & T)

irvine101 Mon 21-Dec-15 06:57:32

I meant,
"asking the school what system they are using and if they are teaching the programme if study from another key stage how they plan to proceed."

mrz Mon 21-Dec-15 07:04:23

I agree with admission ... Personally would question it.

ihearttc Mon 21-Dec-15 08:53:07

Id question it as well...not saying your little girls isn't brilliant at all but level 2 ORT isn't Year 3 level surely?

mrz Mon 21-Dec-15 09:09:33

Id missed that ... You're correct ihearttc ORT 2+ are reception level not Y3

irvine101 Mon 21-Dec-15 10:25:12

I thought ort 2A+ meant old NC level 2A = white/lime level books.

MsMermaid Mon 21-Dec-15 10:32:15

My dds report says wi 1 for everything. But the 1 isn't anything to do with year groups, its an effort grade. The wi is the bit that tells us that she's within the expected range for year 1.

Can you tell us what the sheet says that explains the report?

slkk Mon 21-Dec-15 10:38:38

Could it be working towards year group expectations 1, for lowest, then 2 then 3? This early in the year she won't have met all the expectations for the year group yet.

mrz Mon 21-Dec-15 11:09:44

Found this on a website might be system school is using but only the school can say
Below:​​​Children are achieving below the year group objectives
W1: ​Children have achieved some of the year group objectives
W2:​Children are half way to achieving the year group objectives
W3:​Children are more than half way towards achieving year group objectives
Achieved: ​​Children have achieved year group objectives
Mastery: ​Children have achieved year group objectives and are able to apply these objectives in a range of different scenarios and problems
Exceeding: ​Children are exceeding the year group objectives and are ready for the next year group’s objectives

Sweetsecret Mon 21-Dec-15 14:28:03

I am totally confused about it. Haha. It is a new school so only have two year groups Y1 being the oldest year, so no chance of 'moving her up' so to speak.
After the W3, it said likely to exceed yr 1 levels, and after the w2 it said expected levels for yr 1.
She is on the last reading book groups as they use the read write Inc system, so she is on Grey books.
I know being a new school they have a high staff ratio to pupils so she is in small reading and writing groups so they may be working at a higher level with some the kids that are exceeding. I don't know, I think I will to speak to them after the hols.
As long as she is meeting what is expected for Yr1 I am happy. I don't think she is in the G&T bracket but they do have provisions put in place for children like this. Surely they would tell me if that was the case? Oh I don't know. I have no idea how the systems work. Thanks for the help ladies.

Sweetsecret Mon 21-Dec-15 14:29:00

Thank you for that Mrz just read your post that makes more sense.

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