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Year 1 waiting list

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Nummynums Sun 20-Dec-15 18:40:07

We didn't get any of our choices for reception so we reluctantly sent dd to a private school as the school she got a place at was far and low attaining.

I'm not happy with the private school for various reason sespecially the one too many blunders being made regarding her allergies so I want to try and get dd onto school waiting lists for year 1 start - is this possible and how do I go about it?

The schools are terribly oversubscribed this year unlike the year before, which makes me wonder why they'll have spaces in year 1 now. There are other private schools but state is where my heart is tbh as I feel they do thing properly.

Appreciate any advice,

admission Sun 20-Dec-15 20:16:52

What you need to do is formally ask for a place at the school(s) you want a place at. Presumably they will be full and you can then appeal for a place (though if the infant class size regs apply, that will have a very very low chance of success).
You can ask to go on the waiting list but in many areas schools and/ or LAs do not keep a waiting list after the first term of Reception year.

Nummynums Sun 20-Dec-15 20:47:19

Hello thanks for that. Sorry to sound abit dim but do I ask if there's any places for dd at the school because we think it's a good school? Or do we just beg (I can beg!) and try to convince them for a place? as I can't imagine why schools would give us a place? Do people successfully do this?

LIZS Sun 20-Dec-15 20:54:21

There will either be a place or a waiting list. The order is determined by the original admissions criteria and nothing you say will change it. Your DC will be added wherever they come in the priority order. Bear in mind that if a place did become available your dc would need to move quickly and you will usually forfeit a term's fees at your private school in lieu of notice.

Nummynums Sun 20-Dec-15 21:37:05

Ah I see that makes sense I'm willing to pay the fees if it means he gets a place! Thank you both for your help

catkind Mon 21-Dec-15 16:17:22

If the schools were originally over-subscribed then chances are they're still full. But may not be if someone has moved away and other kids were settled in and parents no longer wanted to move.

I'd have thought normally you'd apply via the local authority and fill in an "in year application form" - if there are spaces then you'd be allocated one, if not you can then ask to stay on the waiting lists. Like when people move house. Unless they are schools which handle their own admissions. Either the schools or the authority should be able to tell you what to do if you talk to them anyway.

I would note that the information we were given by the authority on existence of places and length of waiting list was not accurate until we put in the formal application. They said waiting list of one for DS' school - in fact when we spoke to the school they had two vacancies!

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