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By end of reception what are targets for child?

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Gruffello Fri 18-Dec-15 10:04:13

I've tried to get following information from the teachers who keep telling me look on the Internet. I just want to know simply what are the targets for children by end of reception . Some of what I have gathered from Internet below is this right?

Also what is current link for early years framework that is actually used by the schools.i asked school about phonics and they said they used jolly phonics. Is the government letters andsounds also used generally in other schools. If so which is latest . I'm so confused by what is the latest frameworks used.

End of reception
- know numbers 1-20
- addition and subtraction of numbers to 20

- reading level?

Anything else missed?


mrz Fri 18-Dec-15 13:20:23 page 33 gives the EGs (expectations) for the end of reception.

Letters & Sounds is free so many heads have chosen that rather than pay for high quality phonics programmes and training.

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