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Regularly watching cbeebies cartoons in reception that the norm?

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Wishonastar Thu 17-Dec-15 02:39:42

to those who have kids in reception or used to, did they watch cartoons and If so how often.

My son tells me daily about the cartoons he's watched. Seems like the class is watching 2 a day. I asked his teacher in a round about way by saying that my son tells me about cartoons he watches. She down played this by saying it was probably an exercise programme called x(changed name of the programme. I goggled this programme hoping it would have all the well known characters he talks about and its was all unknown characters. I make a big effort not to put too much telly on at home and this work is being undone by the school. I don't understand why the teacher did not explain at least why they watch cartoons.

If they explained they were putting on say alphablocks on telly or as a game I could easily understand but my son has mentioned all the cartoons at least 10 and none of them are educational ones.

Spoken to other mums and the couple I spoke to were really concerned as they privately had same issues in this but I don't think they want to complain.

If I complain myself then I will be seen by the teachers as the difficult parent.


Obloquy Thu 17-Dec-15 03:36:41

Is this just in the lead up to Christmas or has it been going on all term? If it's just this week I wouldn't worry. Even back in my day they wheeled a tv into the room for the week before Christmas and we watched children's movies.

If it's been going on all term that is unusual in my opinion.

Wishonastar Thu 17-Dec-15 08:12:03


It's been going on since the start of October

mrz Thu 17-Dec-15 08:18:37

Unless they are watching for a purpose other than to entertain/babysit the class it's not good practice.

AuntieStella Thu 17-Dec-15 08:32:09

You need to ask the teacher straight, not in a roundabout way as you have done so.

She's mentioned one programme, but it seems they are watching others beyond that.

As your DS told you character names etc, can you tell us which programmes they are watching?

WildStallions Thu 17-Dec-15 08:38:38

It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad or right or wrong.

You have no control over your child's day once you send them to school.

You might as well get used to it now. You have 13 long years of this ahead of you.

WildStallions Thu 17-Dec-15 08:39:54

It doesn't matter whether it's good or bad or right or wrong or usual or unusual.

Once you send your child to school you have no control over what they do there.

You might as well get used to it. You have 13 long years of it to go.

WeThreeMythicalKings Thu 17-Dec-15 08:41:37

Sometimes I put cartoons on when it was wet playtimes, could this be the case here?

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 17-Dec-15 08:44:11

My DD'S school regularly watched cbeebies as an option for wet break, it would be on in the hall for those who wanted to watch it, or they could read/play instead.

Personally I've no issue with kids watching TV,the term 'screen time' boils my piss.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 17-Dec-15 08:44:38

Wild has good advice!

irvine101 Thu 17-Dec-15 09:09:09

At my ds's school, they watched films, you tube video's etc. near end of terms. Also put some cartoon on for wet play.

He had almost non limited "screen time" at home when he was in reception, he doesn't seem to have negative effect from it.

BarbarianMum Thu 17-Dec-15 09:27:32

Ours had this at play or break times if it was wet. You didn't have to watch - there were other indoor choices. Of course mine always did hmm

mrz Thu 17-Dec-15 09:31:31

If it's wet we put on coats and wellies 😉

BertPuttocks Thu 17-Dec-15 09:38:17

Dd2 is in Reception.

She's never mentioned anything about watching CBeebies at school. I'm fairly sure she would have mentioned it if she had.

A few years ago dd1's Yr1 class used to watch the CBeebies dance programme. Boogie Beebies? I know because they did the dances and I'd have endless renditions of "Mango! Go go mango!" at home. confused

(Apologies to anyone who remembers that song and now has it stuck in their heads.)

unimaginativename13 Thu 17-Dec-15 09:44:56

So you didn't really get the right information from the teacher as you asked in a roundabout way. Then went and wound up the other mums with your suspicions??

Just have a private word with the teacher there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Wishonastar Thu 17-Dec-15 11:00:27

The programmes watched according to my son are Peppa pig, Toy story, Chuggington, Tree Fu Tom to name a few. It appears that they watch it regardless of whether it is raining.

I didn't wind up the other mums they raised it themselves and I mentioned to them I shared the same concerns

Wishonastar Thu 17-Dec-15 11:09:41


I feel they are using as babysitting rather then a purpose. However don't want to go accusing teachers.How do you think I should handle this? What to say if anything. I'd like know but not to upset the teachers and still want to think they have a good reason behind it.

irvine101 Thu 17-Dec-15 11:11:18

My ds used to love Peppa pig and Chugginton! Most of them are short programmes, aren't they?

If you are concerned, you should just talk to the teacher about it, and find out what's happening.

irvine101 Thu 17-Dec-15 11:17:11

I think there was a time my ds's class was shown some cartoon as a whole class reward. And they loved it. It wasn't a one off, it happened several times.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 17-Dec-15 11:56:31

OP, if your son is in Reception, he is 4 or 5 years old.What, exactly, is the problem with him watching a short tv programme, even if it was every day?

Reception should be relaxed, play based learning. I doubt 10 mins of peppa is going to damage his education confused

mrz Thu 17-Dec-15 12:04:43

Watching TV isn't play based learning

Wishonastar Thu 17-Dec-15 12:08:29

What's worrying me is that it's a couple of times a day and I feel that putting the telly on a couple of times a day even at reception is just being lazy. I would imagine there are lots of other ways of play based learning or just play aside from putting the telly on a couple of times a day. As another example the previous nursery he was at there was no telly and they still managed to have fun.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 17-Dec-15 12:16:21

No its not, I didn't imply that it was- I said reception is play based as opposed to heavily academic and that a bit of tv now and again is going to do them no half whatsoever!

How will you cope when they get to juniors and a lot of the work is done on ipads and computers?! shock

mrz Thu 17-Dec-15 12:26:58

Reception is about learning through play not placidly watching TV
Using iPads to learn is very different

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 17-Dec-15 12:28:44

But what is it about tv that you get upset about? I genuinely have no concerns about my two watching it, nor do I limit iPad time, DD1 self regulates just fine

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