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Guildford High School - 7+ entrance tests

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French8 Fri 11-Dec-15 12:18:12

Hi all,
My daughter is sitting the 7+ entrance exams for Guildford High School in January.
However, I don't know what will be ask to her: what topics are they covering, what the day will look like?
Would any of you have any information?

I know about Tormead entrance tests (she is also sitting their exams) and they are covering: Math, English, Creative writing, verbal and non verbal reasoning. Is it the same at GHS?

All I know for GHS is that she will have to read to the headmistress and have an short interview. Do you know what they are asking during the interview?

My daughter is currently in a state school and I am quite worried that she won't be prepared for the exams...

Any help on this would be appreciated smile

Confused2011 Fri 11-Dec-15 20:55:19

I'd also be very interested to hear about the Guildford High School 7+ entrance tests and what they're looking out for in the interview.

Presumably they want the brightest girls, not just those who've been tutored to reach a particular standard, in which case they'll make allowances for state school girls who can show they have potential?

French8 Sun 13-Dec-15 20:30:58

well, I hope they do smile
because my daughter is bright (I am her mum so I am obviously bias smile but she nowhere near the level some privately educated and/or tutored children seem to be.

I was told the girls need to be capable of doing math and english for Year 3 of the national curriculum to be pass the exam. My daughter is just a good Year 2... sad

Oh well, with only 3 weeks to go, cannot do much now anyway!

ghsmum Mon 14-Dec-15 21:19:22

From the website:

For entry at 7+ (Year 3) and above girls come to school for the day to take their entrance assessment, have lunch, a tour of school and enjoy some fun activities. For ages 7+ to 10+ the entrance examination consists of written papers in English and Mathematics. Each girl will read to the Head or Deputy Head of Junior School, who will also interview them. Should places be available, offers of places are normally made within a fortnight of the entrance examination/assessment test.

AFAIK the school do look at potential with enthusiasm for learning being important. On the other hand they are unlikely to turn away excellent accademic performance even for a girl whose interview didn't go that well - they do take (a few) bright shy girls for example.

French8 Mon 14-Dec-15 21:51:03

Many thanks GHSMum - much appreciated! smile

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