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Eden primary school, N2

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angelpuffs Sun 06-Dec-15 20:28:50

Hi everyone
Just wondering if anyone can give any opinions on Eden primary school in N2? I'd be really interested to hear from current parents of children there. They say they take 50% Jewish children and 50% non Jewish children, but we were told at the open evening that only 10% of the children attending are non Jewish. How Jewish does the school feel? How much does the Jewish teaching dominate lessons? Any opinions on the feel of the school, quality of teaching and suitability for non Jewish children would be much appreciated.

sanam2010 Sun 06-Dec-15 21:25:02

it's not 50% Jewish and 50 non-Jewish, it is, as in many voluntary aided schools, 50% places allocated based on religion, 50% via distance criterion, but many Jewish families have moved near the school to make sure they get in either way, so a lot of the other 50% who take open places are also Jewish. I have friends with a son there who are super happy with it, but they are also Jewish (very liberal and dare I say secular ones). I think it will tend to attract those families who are Jewish by culture but not very religious, as they have so many other more conservative schools to choose from. Plus it will attract a few more families from whichever domination who live nearby and are open-minded about it. Head is supposed to be brilliant.

angelpuffs Mon 07-Dec-15 12:29:02

This should have said N10, not N2 so sorry if confusing.
Thanks Sanam. What in particular do your friends like about the school?

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