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I am doing a class party at the weekend - any tips?

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Poppybella2015 Fri 04-Dec-15 16:27:46

My daughter is going to be 6 at the weekend and wanted to invite the whole class to her birthday party so I have agreed - eeeek. Any tips?

TeenAndTween Fri 04-Dec-15 20:30:05


More games than you think.

Stagger the food so that the savoury comes out before all the sweet stuff.

Spare party bags.

Extra adults.

Good luck. I've never done a whole class party.

Poppybella2015 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:35:03

Paracetamol lol, yes I forgot that one lol

Dancingqueen17 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:50:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poppybella2015 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:52:12

Names on cups is a brill idea! I have noticed kids never remember which is their drink

mrsmortis Fri 04-Dec-15 21:13:06

If you are planning a pass the parcel do two small ones rather than one big one.

Cuppaand2biscuits Fri 04-Dec-15 21:19:28

Can you have a craft activity? Something simple like decorating handbag shapes with stickers. The Range is great for foam stickers. I find it helps to have something like craft activity to guide the more timid children towards while they warm up to the party.

sleepyhead Fri 04-Dec-15 21:22:29

Lots of balloons if they're old enough not to get upset when they burst. It's amazing how long a couple of dozen balloons can keep children amused for.

You can buy craft foam crowns & sticky jewels etc from Hobbycraft or similar. Makes a good activity while you're waiting for everyone to arrive and then they can either wear them at the party or take them home in their party bags (so potentially less party bag tat to buy). You could also make them from scratch out of card but the precut foam ones are less hassle.

MrsCornish Fri 04-Dec-15 21:25:25

jigging around to music will take up lots of time
have a list of games with props ready but only use them if you need them
treasure hunt
don't expect to be able to do organising once the first child arrives

sleepyhead Fri 04-Dec-15 21:26:00

Don't bother with sandwiches - if you want something more substantial than crisps, cake and a drink (although ime that's mainly what gets eaten) pizzas cut into squares are less hassle than making up a couple of loaves of sandwiches.

Our local soft play used to do a cucumber snake which was a couple of cucumbers sliced and then arranged in a bendy snake shape with carrot sticks & tomato wedges around it. It's was unbelievably popular with the children confused and ticks the veg box if you feel it needs ticking.

reni2 Fri 04-Dec-15 23:09:16

Disco ball. Lights off. Gangnam style. Never fails with 6yo. Don't dance yourself or you WILL be on YouTube before the party is over.

mrsmeerkat Fri 04-Dec-15 23:13:19

Parachute games are nice - argos sell one at good value.

SearedChestnut Fri 04-Dec-15 23:58:23

As many helpers as poss (particularly for meeting and greeting, food distribution and saying goodbye/handing out party bags - always chaotic!)
and perhaps one extra helper available to "assist" or shadow any very shy or disruptive children. 6 yr olds probably old enough not to escape through front door but good to keep an eye!

Always take parents' mob phone numbers (in case of emergencies) and check about allergies

Don't offer tea or coffee to visiting parents as too much faff when you are busy with children (but maybe have something easy like a soft drink available if you want to offer something)

Winter party = have extra rack in hall for hanging coats/scarves etc or helpers put them all on a bed upstairs to bring down later.

Decide what you are going to do about presents - open once everyone has arrived - or quickly label each one with post-it note and put in basket for later (so you can identify/thank who it came from).

Organise two activities specifically for arrival time and leaving time ie so children can filter in or out at different times and join in (colouring/sticking large mural, simple crafts) leave more organised games for middle of party

Food boxes like these make lunch/tea easier to serve and much easier/quicker to clear up (dc sat on picnic rugs on floor?)

Mini juice boxes or cups with straws through lids are more practical than open cups (less spillage!) or alternatively mini bottles of water with names on.

Have available: scissors, kitchen roll, matches, bin bags, sellotape, plasters, blu-tack, (and bucket and Dettol just in case but hopefully not needed!) + wine for later wink

Have rough timetable up on wall that you and helpers can follow roughly ie 2-2.30 arrival activity, 2.30- 3.00 game to break the ice (musical chairs?), 3.00 to 3.30pm pin the tail on the donkey or equiv then break for tea (allow 20 mins or so + singing happy birthday/cutting cake) followed by sit down game (pass the parcel) etc etc to finish by roughly x o'clock so that you can keep things moving in right direction and finish up more or less on time but be prepared to add in or take out a game depending on how it is going.

Second suggestion about having two parcels going around circle for pass the parcel or divide guests in to boys and girls and have one parcel each (and prep parcels in plenty of time/day or two before - they take ages to wrap!)

Second suggestion of extra small presents/sweets on hand for siblings who arrive at collection time

You may not have time to organise/want to do this, but we had magician for dd's 6th birthday party and it went down a treat!

6 yr olds quite like jumping up and down on sheets of bubble wrap (large bubbles) but be prepared for horrific noise - "bubble wrap bounce" makes a good energetic finale grin

Sorry that was a bit of an essay - but I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to parties - find they go better that way. (Always had a bit of free play thrown in but for short periods of time). And I found that the more prepared I was, the less stressful/more relaxed it was on the day ifyswim.

Good luck!

SearedChestnut Sat 05-Dec-15 00:00:33

Great suggestion about pizza squares btw!

Poppybella2015 Mon 07-Dec-15 08:08:34

Thank you for all the suggestions! It went well! For future reference I think I will do individual party boxes for food as it was difficult trying to make sure all 25 6 year olds got food and drink!

uhoh1973 Mon 07-Dec-15 12:08:05

IME avoid the party games. It leads to trauma and stress. If you must musical statues is good for wearing them out. Bouncy castle is good. Otherwise balloons, bottles of bubbles, craft stuff (one year we used an old roll of wallpaper on the floor - lots of pens etc), plasticine modelling competition (animal, dinosaur etc), dinosaurs hidden in a bowl of jelly, apple bobbing etc etc. As they say have a timetable (atleast in your head) so you can break it up. If you have a talented friend go for face painting / glitter tattoos.

Holidayrash Mon 07-Dec-15 22:25:43

The chocolate game with at least six rotating for that amount of children.

We did hot dogs which worked well and you just have to leave them in hot water at the beginning and serve when ready. Pre-cut the buns and leave ketchup out.

Draw/ tape a line on the floor where children who are out of a game can carrying on dancing on the other side (musical bumps and statues). A simple dance competition with a prize each time.

Get them quiet before you start speaking (get them to copy you putting hands on heads, ears, lips etc) and YY to starting any instruction with 'don't start/move until I say go'.

Holidayrash Mon 07-Dec-15 22:26:29

Gah - seen you've had the party. Glad it went well and now I can tell you you're mad!

SearedChestnut Tue 08-Dec-15 09:03:12

Glad it went well Poppy!

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