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I genuinely don't understand what my Y3 is learning..

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alltheworld Thu 03-Dec-15 20:47:20

So we were told at a group meeting for parents at the beginning of school that levels were out and also told the curriculum was harder and all about mastery, and also given a very broad overview of the topics for the term.
We were told that homework was a bridge between school and home but the amount of homework is so slight that I can't get an idea of what they are doing in class.
At a recent parents evening the teacher was very vague about what had replaced levels, how they were monitoring dd etc. He said vague things like, maths this term is numbers, numbers numbers and, she is where I would expect her to be.
Despite pressing him, I don't know if she is making progress or where she needs to improve.
They also have a policy of not correcting spellings except in the actual spelling test which I thin reinforces poor spelling.
It all seems very abstract and I would appreciate any advice on how to understand better from the school what is going on

catkind Thu 03-Dec-15 23:26:00

Um, that doesn't sound like good communication? Or a good policy on spelling. You can look up what's in the national curriculum for year 3. But it would seem not unreasonable to ask about your child's individual targets and progress.

Our school seem to be giving some kind of end of year blanket assessment that says mastered/achieved/working towards national standards for broad curriculum areas. Apparently there is more detailed stuff going on in the background but it's not shared with parents.

irvine101 Fri 04-Dec-15 06:34:33

Here's list of skills for YR3. My ds is yr3 too, but I don't understand anything either. It's really confusing.

mrz Fri 04-Dec-15 06:53:46

Rising Stars (publisher of assessment materials) have produced really useful (accurate) guides for parents here you need the complete free registration to download but worth the effort.

I've given these to all the parents of children in my class and used them at parents evening to discuss what we were working on in this term and to show areas that need more work.

alltheworld Sat 05-Dec-15 08:32:39

SsThanks for the helpful responses especially the website links. I will sign up for those.
Bizarrely, the day after the parents evenings, the deputy head taught the children for the day and the children went in one by one to talk to the class teacher about how they thought they were doing. Which is fine, but why not do this ahead of parents evening.
Then, one of dd,s friends came home with a note to say she would be having weekly literacy interventions which again is fine but her parents had been told at parents evening that she was doing ok on everything except maths!
Should I ask the teacher to correct her spellings? I don't see why he can't carry on writing positive notes on the main aim of the exercise but also gently remind to think about spellings.

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