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Sidcup Primary School - Benedict House Prep

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Xmania Wed 02-Dec-15 10:40:44

Hello everyone,
Could I ask anyone in the area about any knowledge or experiences you may have with this school?

My children are currently in a state school but things have gotten really bad this year - no Head teacher for almost a year and a constant stream of Supply Teachers, homework not mark or no homework at all, children getting very confused about expectations as every new teacher that comes in say a different thing to them.

I really feel that I need to get my kids out of their current school.

Does anyone know how and can I apply to other state schools and what are the criteria?

I am also considering independent schools and the only one with availability locally is Benedict House Prep in Sidcup. Does anyone have children in that school? Can you share your experiences please?

I don't think it is wise to move my children from school to school as it can create a lot of insecurity in them so I am really hoping that this move will be something I will have no regrets further down the line.

Will really love to hear from anyone with any experiences Benedict House Prep or other schools in Sidcup that I may be able to apply for a place.

Many thanks in advance.

dobedo Thu 03-Dec-15 20:47:05

Hi. No direct experience of that school but we transferred our DS from a state school to a prep in sidcup for years 5 and 6. It felt like the right place after looking around and he had a taster day. We didnt have much more to go on than that but it was the best decision we ever made. When we went around the school all the kids were happy, the head knew their names, the kids all said hello and were polite and were a credit to the school. That is what made the decision for us. Hope this helps.

PettsWoodParadise Fri 04-Dec-15 08:31:44

I am not too far from Sidcup but sorry I don't know that school. Do investigate carefully - any independent school with places readily available would ring alarm bells with me. I have friends who have been happy with Babington, Bromley High, Eltham, Dulwich, Braeside in case any of those are with travelling distance for you.

SE13Mummy Sun 06-Dec-15 23:12:32

Sorry to hear your children are having such an unsettled time at school. To apply to other state schools you'd need to contact the LA admissions department, probably Bexley if it's Sidcup you're local to:
If you contact them before completing the application form, you may be able to ask about particular schools and whether or not there are any spaces in the year groups you need.

Re: Benedict House Prep School, a friend of mine moved her two there a few years ago. She's happy with it for hers (one of whom has moved on to a local grammar now) and they seem to have lots of opportunities through school. From what she's said, there is one year group that is quite small and has always been but the younger classes are all full. Why not go and visit? If they have spaces, presumably they'd be keen to fill them.

kellkips Sat 13-Feb-16 21:10:49

Hi Xmania, did you have any luck with the prep schools, if so what were your thoughts?

Pursuitofhappiness15 Sat 13-Feb-16 23:42:56

It's a brilliant, nurturing school. Lovely teachers and very well behaved children. There is a waiting listing for lower years but there are spaces in higher classes. Consistently produces good results. Make an appointment to visit the school and also ask about the next open day.

Dungandbother Sun 14-Feb-16 10:47:10

I know the area.

The problem is that some of the school years are completely rammed. Y4 for example is over flowing. And Y1 has more than the preceding two years. And I believe this YR is also pretty full.

So if you wanted to change state school in Sidcup or Bexley and you're those year groups then no chance. Unless someone moves and you get lucky. Classes in Y4 are now over 30 in some schools. Therefore I would imagine that the privates are also full in Y4.

But if you want a place in other year groups then it's much easier and there is movement.

Have you tried Old Bexley? Their catchment is now huge since they went to 4 forms (Y3 and below I think). I would imagine Royal Park has places. And Sherwood Park has got some link with Hurstmere and Blackfen now so you may find that interesting.

But to answer the actual question, yes I have friends who are happy there.

user1493321104 Thu 27-Apr-17 20:38:35


We are currently looking at Benedict House but wondered if they teach Guitar and swimming ?The website does not really tell you so hoping that someone here might know.

Many Thanks

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