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Need Advice - Good Prep Schools in Canary Wharf

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JPLaura Wed 02-Dec-15 09:28:40


My DS will be joining Reception from 2016 September. Myself and DH are working Full time in the City and Canary Wharf respectively. We currently live in West London and planning to move home because of the daily long journey to work(Almost 1.30 hrs).

I need to find a good and reasonable prep school in London for DS. I can find only one Prep school in Canary Wharf which is River House Montesorri School. The fees is reasonable and they are open almost all the year except Christmas(One week)/Summer(two weeks)/Bank holidays. It seems perfect for working parents.

But I am not sure whether it is a good School. Ofstead report is 'Good'. I don't have any friends or colleagues living near Canary Wharf. I heard some people moved from Canary Wharf because of schools.

It would be really great if anybody can advise about River House Montesorri School or suggest some other good reasonable prep schools.


alwayssurprised Wed 02-Dec-15 10:11:45

I moved away so didn't use it but I liked Gatehouse in Bethnal Green. It is a bit late for 2016 reception entry though. Riverhouse seems nice when I looked around but they had many more reception KS1 classes than KS2, it may have changed now. I was also unsure about Montessori method in later years. What are the destination schools like? I imagine they have quite high turnover of children as families moves into and out of the area?

sanam2010 Sun 06-Dec-15 21:29:37

Riverhouse Montessori is good. Look at the Faraday School as well, which is newer. Here is a good overview:

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