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DS year 2 stuggling with his reading/ digraphs

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wwyd123 Tue 01-Dec-15 23:13:21

Can anyone recommend a fun phonics game for a tablet (not ipad) that would help my son remember his digraphs?

Lindy2 Wed 02-Dec-15 12:54:18

Reading Eggs has an android version of its phonics games. My daughter enjoyed them for quite a while. They got a bit repetitive after a while though. They regularly do free trials of up to 6 weeks though.

PagesOfABook Wed 02-Dec-15 21:25:01

The jolly phonics app is very good - not sure whether it would work on your tablet

My DS really struggled to learn his phonics initially but his reading is now very good as I did a huge amount of work on it with him.

I made my own phonic flashcards. I got the list of the jolly phonic word bank online and printed off the words in a large font and highlighted the digraphs.

See this link

So for a few days we would focus on 'oy' or 'ai' and in all the flashcards the digraph would be coloured with highlighter and he became more used to saying that sound and to noticing that those two letters were linked. I might have 10 or 20 words with the same digraph.

He is just turned 6 and was on level 3 of the ORT in August and is reading level 9 now and nearly ready to go on to 10. I think all the work on the phonics is paying off. He's also really loving reading now that he's finding it easier.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Wed 02-Dec-15 22:01:29

That's probably much more effective than an app, Pages.

Better still, is to get the child to highlight/circle/underline the digraphs. This gives them practice in looking for the digraphs in words.

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