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Bickley park school

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june79 Tue 01-Dec-15 15:39:51

Hi, I am looking for reviews on Bickley Park School based in Bromley. Any thoughts/ feedback will be much appreciated. We are considering I for my 4yr old to join Reception next year. Thanks.

PettsWoodParadise Tue 01-Dec-15 18:50:29

Hi, I have a DD but a lot of her friends' brothers are either at Bickley Park or Babington. I have only heard good things about the school. I don't have much more to add but wanted to reply just in case no one else comes along with more first hand experience. Some choose to move at aged 7 for the more selective schools of Eltham or Dulwich or stay on until 13 for common entrance at likes of Sevenoaks.

fleurdelacourt Wed 02-Dec-15 08:43:20

have a friend whose son is very happy there. small classes, strong sporting emphasis, great parent/school communications.

in her son's year, a few left at 7 but the rest are staying til 13 and going onto Tonbridge/Whitgift/Trinity/Dulwich/Sevenoaks.

june79 Wed 02-Dec-15 08:55:53

Wow! That's good to know. Thanks.

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