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What if you move house after submitting your primary school application?

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Eggfrog Tue 01-Dec-15 11:07:38

We are in a chain and waiting to move. After an open day this morning, I think my first choice school is one that I would have a better chance for at my existing address. If we move to the new address at the end of January (which is the likely date at the moment), i.e. after 15 January but possibly before they start processing the applications, does this matter?

In other words, when do they verify your address for the purposes of school places?

admission Tue 01-Dec-15 11:19:48

The key date is the 15th January. The admission process is based on the address your child is living at on that date. Most LAs do however give a small amount of leeway for those families that are in the process of moving around the January date, so you need to look very carefully at the LA admission document to see what your particular LA allows.

Assuming that there is a window of opportunity to move and have your new address considered as the on-time application address, you need to be careful to carry out all necessary changes in-side of the final dates and in writing (email is fine). You should state that you have moved, that you need the new address to be considered as the permanent address and that this is as an on-time application plus any changes to the school preferences.

If you miss the cut off date for final on-time applications then you need to be careful about what you then do. You do need by law to notify the LA of the change of address but if you actually change the address on your admission application you will become a late entry and therefore only considered for a school place after all on-time applications. It is usually far better to stick with the old address and school preferences but inform the LA of the new address for communication purposes only, not as a change of address. This means you will be counted as being an on-time applicant but using the old address and preferences even though you have moved. That might or might not improve your probability of getting a place at your preferred school but is usually much better than taking the chance of being a late application.

Eggfrog Tue 01-Dec-15 11:37:58

Hi - thanks for this! I think our LEA says it will consider applications received up to 12 Feb as on-time if there is good reason or the person has moved and can prove it.

If we move between after 15 jan but before 12 Feb, do we have to make the new address our permanent address? Schools-wise the old address would be better. But at the same time we want to move before mid-Feb as I am having another baby around then.

Sorry - I don't want to cheat system and am not moving for a school place. It is more that we need to move (third child on way) and are now in a chain. And since that process has started I have realised my preferred school is nearer my current address than the new one, which is in fact only a few roads away but will alter our catchment as we're in London. This has only become clear from the open days in the last two weeks, as the Ofsted reports and results of the schools around here are pretty similar so it is only after visiting that I am clear on what is best for DS.

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