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Marlborough House or Dulwich Prep?

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Relocator2016 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:46:37

Hello. We are in the process of making the choice between these schools. We have visited both and really liked them, albeit for slightly different reasons. The facilities and quality of teaching at Dulwich Prep seem second to none. But Marlborough House seemed a little 'homlier' and possibly a little more relaxed. But this is based on gut instinct and very little else. Being new to the area and not knowing any parents at either school, i would be grateful if anyone who does have children at either Dulwich Prep or Marlborough House could give me their point of view based on their experiences. Many thanks!

Geegee007 Sun 13-Dec-15 15:23:20

Hello, I can't comment on DPS because it was too far distance wise for us to consider.
We have a child in pre-prep at MHS and are super happy with it in every way - academically, pastorally, facilities wise, sport and with the many extras on offer.
The school is a real community and both staff and parents are very welcoming and friendly. The head is very visible and approachable to children and parents.
We were in SW London before so I can't really compare it to other country prep schools, but among other things the Forest School is amazing.
In fact it is so good that I understand that after inspecting it last summer term the ISI have since used it as a case study for other schools in terms of best practice.
The school is also a good size, not too big (I do understand DPS is much larger) but not too small so there are several teams for each sport, etc.
Our child is absolutely thriving and settled in very quickly - credit to the school for this as well as her.
The leavers destinations seem to be on the upgrade too.
We are so spoiled for choice school wise in this area it is a tricky decision!

Relocator2016 Tue 15-Dec-15 16:34:39

Brilliant. Thanks for the feedback. It's great to hear someone who is so happy with their school choice and all the things you mentioned about MHS we had intuitively felt when we looked around it - but really nice to have it confirmed by someone who knows it well. All the best.

Geegee007 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:15:32

Hello, coming back to this very late, but you're welcome and which one did you go for in the end?

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