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XBOX ONE EXPERTS - Do I NEED to buy it with Kinnect?

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ukgirlatheart Sun 29-Nov-15 10:50:23

we have an XBOX 360 without kinect but they are phasing out the games, looking at the XB one's and some come with kinect and others dont good deals with though.

Never used it before but wondering if we should buy with?

GeneGreenie Sun 29-Nov-15 13:23:09

Well we bought the Xbox 360 with Kinect a couple of years ago and apart from a few games at Christmas and a couple with his friends, Ds hasn't really used it. Tbh our livingroom is quite small and we couldn't really play together very easily without falling onto the sofa.

Depends how much more it will be with the Kinect and the new games available?

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