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Could anyone shed any light on these ed spych assessments please. I think they've made a mistake.

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chuffinalong Sat 28-Nov-15 18:41:08

Hi, my daughter was assessed by the ed psych 3 years ago as having severe learning difficulties. Her GCA score was 72, falling within the low range. She's recently had another assessment and the ed psych phoned me to say it was good news, she's gained 10 points from last time and is now classed as having moderate LD's. Of course I was over the moon!
I've received the letter though and looking at her test results though, I noticed that her new GCA score is only 59, placing her on the 0.3rd percentile and in the very low category! I'm not sure how they can now class her as moderate?
They said that her classroom observation was taken into account etc, but still? Do you think they've made a mistake?

chuffinalong Sat 28-Nov-15 19:02:32

She is ten and a half by the way, and in her last year at primary.

chuffinalong Sat 28-Nov-15 19:26:26


lougle Sat 28-Nov-15 19:48:55

Is that a raw score? It could be that the score needs to be standardised according to her age. You need to ask the Ed Psych, really.

chuffinalong Sat 28-Nov-15 19:57:52

Thanks lougle. It doesn't say, it just says that she gained a GCA score of 59 which places her on the 0.3rd percentile and in the very low category.
I will ask her ed psych on Monday.

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