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Long Division

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DingbatsFur Wed 25-Nov-15 17:59:20

My son was off sick for a week while the class did long division. He normally has no issues with maths but has developed a mental block with long division.
In talkin with him and working with him the issue seems to be the way the equations are laid out. 186/3 he has no problems with but using the other symbol (which I don't have on my phone) freaks him out as he isn't used to seeing the equation laid out that way.
Any idea how to make the garaging method nicer?

TheTroubleWithAngels Wed 25-Nov-15 18:02:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DingbatsFur Wed 25-Nov-15 20:27:21
The teacher says they are using the garage method like in the link above.
He is used to seekng equations laid out as:
So going 4)16 Is a different way of organising the numbers and he shuts down as soon as he sees


irvine101 Wed 25-Nov-15 20:39:02

This explain the method like the one on your link in tutorial video.

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