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Uxbridge Hermitage Primary School or Whitehall? Please help urgently

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rayofsunshine1 Mon 23-Nov-15 21:32:18

To all Hillingdon Mothers!!
We are relocating to Uxbridge to be closer to my husband's workplace.
My daughter will be transferring in year (year 2) after Christmas. I have read some not so positive things about Hermitage Primary School although it appears to be a cosy primary school.
Can anyone who has children in any of these two schools or have had, please respond and give their opinions/experiences of these schools urgently. I am aware that Hermitage has not HT at the moment however there is a waiting list at all other schools and I am now having cold feet!!
Thank you

paulapantsdown Mon 23-Nov-15 21:40:41

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

paulapantsdown Mon 23-Nov-15 21:42:06

reading your OP again, I would stick with Hermitage - its is a much happier place now!

rayofsunshine1 Mon 23-Nov-15 22:12:00

thank you so much for your quick reply. John Lock doesn't have a year 2 intake as of yet only year 1 (will increase with each year unfortunately)

Location wise I thought Hermitage would be nice as it is near the sports centre to go across to. Thank you for your reassuring message. I read a few posts about Hermitage that made me panick. My daughter currently attends a lovely school in Barnet but we cannot afford to upgrade here and it only makes sense to move there.

Twistedheartache Mon 23-Nov-15 22:20:09

I liked both when I looked round but chose hermitage for dd because of size & hadn't heard anything good about Whitehall juniors even though head at infants came across brilliantly.
Really pleased with it so far but no idea outside of early years & if it was a major concern new head starts in January.

rayofsunshine1 Tue 24-Nov-15 07:48:55

Thanks for your post.
I am keen on Hermitage because of size too. What year is your child in?
I guess it is good news there is a HT starting in January.
Is there a parents teacher's association?
And active fundraising for school equipment?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone else too.

NK67136abX1225a3f48ce Thu 29-Sep-16 22:42:53

Hi, appreciate this is older thread but hoping you still on here and intrigued as to how you have found hermitage/any other comments as my eight year old due to start in year four next month and really struggled to find recent comments/thoughts on hermitage but most recent ofsted looks good/shows improvement but would love comments from any mums or dads in the know x

carleton333 Wed 29-Mar-17 15:36:16

Hi, my son has just been offered a place in year 4 and I'm new to the area so don't know the school, or any other primary schools at all. Really interested to find out how your child is getting on or any other feedback from parents of children at Hermitage at the moment in any year group. I went to visit the school and thought it looked great but really difficult to make a decision based that alone. Please help if you can! Thanks very much x

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