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Kew Green Prep

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memills Sun 22-Nov-15 16:25:17


Just wondering if anyone could shine some light on what their their children's experience is of Kew Green Prep School. We have a boy (currently in Y2 at another private school) who is sensitive and not particularly academic who we feel would benefit from a more relaxed and creative environment then other local private school and KGP has been pitched as just this. We have viewed the school and it certainly felt like a great fit, it would be good to have some further info!

Thanks in advance smile

Indole Mon 23-Nov-15 19:16:04

I only know one person who sent her child to Kew Green. She took the child out and opted for a local state option which she found considerably better.

Radiodependent Tue 24-Nov-15 16:57:31

A friend looked round recently and liked it (she was looking to move from state primary) but I don't know anyone with kids there directly. I believe Unicorn can also be a good fit in this type of situation?

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