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appeal for yr 2

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mama36 Fri 20-Nov-15 16:49:38

i am planning to appeal for my child place in yr 2. Got few tips from MN on how you can still win against 30/class law. but wondering from where i b able to get school statistics like total no of pupil in school, is there any infant class exceeding 30 students, are classroom able to adjust another child. i was able to get latest jan 2015 stats from internet but how can i b sure thats final
need help

Youknowit Fri 20-Nov-15 22:48:40

You will get that information from the admissions authority in advance of your appeal hearing. You need to remember in your appeal that the panel can only review the decision making process, they can't re-make the decision. Therefore you need to focus on:
-will the admission of an additional pupil cause a breach of the infant class size legislation? (very likely if the class has 30 in it)
-were the admission arrangements legal (it's incredibly unlikely they weren't)
-were the admission arrangements applied to your case correctly?
-was the decision the authority took reasonable?

Unless the arrangements were illegal, applied to your application wrongly /unfairly or unreasonably, your appeal won't be successful.

tiggytape Fri 20-Nov-15 23:55:20

is there any infant class exceeding 30 students, are classroom able to adjust another child.
Information like this is not relevant to a Year 2 appeal.
The points you raise can be used at appeals for places in Year 3 and above to demonstrate that a school can cope with more pupils no matter what they might say but, in Year 2, it isn't the school saying they can't cope, it is the law telling them they cannot take any more children than 30 per class.

It isn't about classroom size or school capacity, it is about complying with a law designed to ensure children in YR-Y2 are not in classes larger than 30 per teacher.

And ou may well find a Year 2 class with more than 30 but that will be because at least one of those children is excepted (eg number 30 was a twin so number 31 is their twin sibling who got a place under the special rule for multiple births that applies to reception or number 31 is a child who applied late but has a statement naming that school). It will not therefore help your appeal unless as Youknowit says, you are similarly able to demonstrate that your child is excepted. And the only real way to do that assuming no statement etc is to show something was wrong with the admissions process that wrongly denied you a place.

lougle Fri 20-Nov-15 23:59:26

mama36 if you are appealing for a school which has infant class sizes of 30, no amount of data showing over 30 in class will help you.

tiggytape Sat 21-Nov-15 00:14:29

And as an aside:
When your child is Year 3 age and things like classroom size and number per class all suddenly become relevant to appeals, you will be able to get that information directly from the school.
Any parent who is appealing for a place is allowed to request information to aid that appeal and the school or admissions authority must supply it. They are obliged to answer all reasonable questions.

Unfortunately in Year 2, unless there is something about the circumstances of your application that mean your child was wrongly denied a place or is an special category as an excepted child then nothing you can say at appeal should get you over that hurdle that the law states they can't have 31 in a Year 2 class. It really is that strict.

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