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Brook Green/Hammersmith to Hampton (LEHS )

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Banners75 Wed 18-Nov-15 17:55:18

Dd first choice is LEH if she gets through the 7+. We live in Brook Green. Does anyone live in Brook green/ Hammersmith and there daughter goes to LEH. What is the commute like, how long does it take. Does anyone go on the school bus? Is the school worth the commute? Thx for any advice.

nowirehangers Thu 19-Nov-15 09:36:54

sounds very weird to me, why not try her for Bute or Latymer to give just two examples of 7+ local schools and make your life x1million easier

Banners75 Thu 19-Nov-15 13:07:50

We are doing them both but she likes LEHS the best and there will be no 11+ either which is a bonus. Just wanted to find out if it's possible or really a big no.

nowirehangers Thu 19-Nov-15 19:16:56

With the greatest respect, your dd is 6 or 7, I wouldn't let what she likes best influence the choice too much. There are so many great secondary schools in the Brook Green area, do you really want to condemn her to that commute for the next 11 years, just so as to avoid the 11plus?

It'll have a massive effect on her social life too, nearly all her friends will live in Twickenham and further out, which will make playdates hard and life as a teenager will be very tricky, do you want her catching buses to Hampton on a Saturday night or you having to drive out to fetch her at 1am? .

thenewbroom Thu 19-Nov-15 20:28:35

IMO the child's first choice is not really what should guide you at this age - at 7 they have no concept of what a massive commute is like or how it will impact on their playdates etc. BG to Hampton is still a long way - even at 11+ so I would think carefully and look at the great preps closer to home.

Alwaysfrank Thu 19-Nov-15 22:53:46

At Latymer they still sit the 11+ but it is very unusual not to get in to the senior school, so that is possibly worth bearing in mind. I wouldn't contemplate that journey myself with your other excellent options much closer to home, especially for a primary age child.

I wouldn't inflict a long journey on a young child just because she prefers a school now. She will be exhausted; and that will affect her enjoyment of, and performance at, school. Go for the very good local options you have.

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