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6yo DD seems afraid of her cover teacher

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QueenMolotov Tue 17-Nov-15 09:34:05

My dd is almost 7yo and in Y2. She is generally happy at school except that it appears she is afraid of their cover teacher. They have this particular teacher 1-2 times per week whilst the main teacher performs other duties and my dd does not want to go to school whilst the this person is in charge of the class. She cried for almost 2h getting ready for school and begged me to keep her home today sad

It seems that the cover teacher is stern but fair, from what I can gather. She doesn't tolerate any bad behaviour. But dd said that she shouts and it seems makes examples out of individual children who misbehave. This stresses dd out.

Other than the general reason of 'I just don't like her', I've been told no more.

I've raised concerns with dd's actual teacher twice and the consensus seems to be that the cover teacher just has different strategies which dd needs to learn to accept.

However, my dds fearful anticipation of cover days is escalating. Any ideas for how I can further mange the situation?

QueenMolotov Tue 17-Nov-15 21:03:15


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